MaidSafe Videos on Facebook

Can someone with access to the original Maidsafe explainer and intro videos that were uploaded to youtube please also upload them to Facebook and then provide the link to the video post please?

These ones specifically:


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You can dl then from tube using
Just paste the video url into the search field …


I’d rather not do that. They are not my videos to copy and share. I think they would be better off to do it via the official Maidsafe page and then we can all like, comment and share :slight_smile:

I think @polpolrene was talking about setting up a community FB page. Maybe it would make sense for these to be posted onto the community page and those who are into FB can choose whether they would like to promote it.


I’m pretty good with FB if I don’t say so myself.

If I made the page would anyone else like to help me admin it? Post articles images etc regularly?

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How would you call the page? I think “SAFE Network” would be a good name for a community page.

Maybe we could use one of the two pages I already created:

I’m very open to adding other people who would like to help posting content :slight_smile: For example, I added @polpolrene to the SAFE Network Forum page a few weeks ago.

@goindeep I just used Firefox and a plugin to download both the videos you linked. I just uploaded 1 of them to the SAFE Network Forum. Here’s the link so feel free to share wherever. I will upload and post the other one tomorrow and provide the link.


Personally I hate when people post videos directly to facebook as it’s difficult to share them outside of facebook. You can easily share youtube videos within facebook just like any other link so what’s the point?


I hate this too usually. But we are talking marketing here strictly.
We are trying to reach people on Facebook. Not so much concerned with formats and ability to share outside of Facebook from Facebook.
Personally I would be uploading both YT and FB formats and more than once. This is my only criticism of the current pages if any at all. The guys who run them are uber busy and I can’t expect them to run them to their potential but with any FB page you need community engagement and I think I could bring that. I have setup, ran, managed and even sold several Facebook pages. I had a greyhound page, some crypto and social/meme pages that did OK and I barely invested any time in them.
I wouldn’t necessarily expect the page to be huge, this type of thing never is on Facebook but it could capture the extra person interested in these topics and point them to SAFE and this would be the goal.

Yes, this is the trick. Scroll the FB page and you’ll see several items come back over time. I also created some icons for dev-updates and the browser etc. If you have little icons below a width of 400 pix it looks something like this:

As you can see this post is about a week old and only reached 154 persons so far. I had a chat with @ioptio and @frabrunelle and @nicklambert som weeks ago and Paige already told me that most geeks hang out on Twitter and not on Facebook. This is very true, but I still put in some time to post stuff as we want reach people wherever they are. Feel free to help out (Francis owns the domain) or make a complete new one.

On Twitter things go more smooth. I’m posting daily updates for 6 weeks now and we’re still seeing growth in all the regions. Tweets and views are down a bit as we peaked with Alpha :kissing_heart:. But still doing well.


Yes. That and constant daily updates, non maidsafe related posts, asking questions for likes and shares, the odd meme and social image, paying for posts, liked and promoting posts and videos etc.

I propose to setup a new community FB page, complete with all the wrappings, bells and whistles. So somewhat custom profile image and banner, daily updates with posts, videos, images, questions, polls, links, articles etc. and the odd weekly/monthly paid promotions from myself personally ($50 or $100).

I would also offer a community donation address and people can donate funds which would be used to further promote the page with the end goal of sending newcomers to Maidsafe and the SAFE network with all traffic data shared publicly.

I would eventually want to pass the batton onto someone else to manage once I get it setup and humming nicely though.

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I’d love to do that but I have a question. Who’s going to pay to promote the page? Facebook is pay to play these days. I have a couple facebook pages of my own and so I know. The page is free but if you want exposure you have to pay for it. Just saying natural reach only goes so far. Facebook doesn’t work like it used to.

I would pay for what i can afford.