MaidSafe Update - November 2019

But if safenetwork won’t launch you will loose all your coins…

If safenetwork doesn’t launch we all lose our coins. If I had enough I wouldnt hesitate to loan maidsafe mine.


Investing in Maidsafe is a all or nothing story anyway. I can’t imagine a solution in between, no launch but still some value, it doesn’t make sense.
Invest what you can loose, that’s it.


If SafeNetwork fails your coins will be worthless anyways!


It looks like a wise move. Thank you for being so transparent and best wishes and thanks to those that are leaving.

Can I ask: are the current Maxwell roadmap items the only items left to get to Beta after Fleming? Or will there be more added?


There is an in between time (potentially) of value…a period between Fleming and beta where there could be upward price movement and then we never get to beta. If you haven’t tied up your assets, there is a chance to profit and recoup funds in between those two points. Let’s not forget that we thought what was then alpha 3 was right around the corner. That was now 18 months ago when PARSEC was released.


yes, but then you are actually trading. That’s different than investing.


No, trading is when on a daily/weekly/monthly basis you are active in the market. When you have held something for 2-5 years and then sell it, it’s called realizing a profit.

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BTC halves sometime in the next year. Overall positive forecast for the ol’ 2020. Make most of it etc.
Plus obvious product advancement over these few months, which will only continue as is, maybe more.
If Maidsafe weren’t so adaptive, even I would lose hope. But they are adaptive.


This might sound like terrible news but from a business perspective I actually welcome these steps. Of course it’s always bad if people are loosing their jobs and I feel sorry for them, but I think this should have been the direction from the very beginning. When I heard about the opening of a frontend-focused office I was alread concerned. I got more concerned when I learned about the growth of the marketing team efforts etc. but I thought it would mean that the release will be near and asked no further questions.

Nevertheless I do understand how easy it is to run into such mistakes. In the end “Growing too fast” is one of the no 1 reasons for Start-ups to fail and even easier with parabolic crypto assets growth (and decline). Thank you for the transpareny on this matter. I hope this new lean approach will lead to a successful launch - I defenitely think it is the right decision!


Thanks as always for your transparency.

IMO the risk of transparency is that it opens up attack vectors for people who don’t understand the full situation, are overly emotional thinkers, etc. - some of which we’ve seen today.

However the upside of transparency is that MaidSafe has rightly earned the trust and faith many people in this forum. Doesn’t mean it will work, just that the right people are on the right path, doing the right thing. Which is unfortunately too rare in this space, and makes MaidSafe’s integrity in communication all the more valuable IMO.

I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this project, in whatever small way I can, regardless of the results.


Important point there and relates to the instinct they have for what is natural. The idea that truth should be hidden, is fallacy; some people do not have the insight or experience to understand why that is but reality cares not for opinion. Truth and good principals attract support and make for a more robust output, whatever that is. I see very much parallels then with what is open source coding. There are some who will always look to proprietary but how vulnerable are they; and how much are they shying from reality. Better to challenge reality head on… learn from natural and adopt its value set - align with it; same as being brave and seeing great forces come to your aid.


This loan investment is for those that plan on holding onto to their coins until after launch. Wich is what I had planned to do all along. SafeNet has been a high risk, high reward investment from the beginning. This loan investment is not for those looking for short term gains.


Welcome news. Getting it done. F*ck the rest of the BS off. Finally.


I’ve been holding for nearly 3 years, haven’t traded a single coin. My point was that if there comes a time (although unlikely) that it becomes apparent that there is not going to be a launch because of whatever reason, you have provided yourself a backdoor to perhaps recoup some capital. In the loan version, you have no way out.


and with risk comes reward… it’s a simple puzzle.


Everybody in open source development should

  1. accept their donations and payments in cryptocurrency
  2. dollar-cost average gains into stable coins such as DAI

This way, when the price of your cryptos goes up, you are able to hedge against the volatility when it goes down, and even profit by buying back during the dips. Whenever your crypto holdings pump 10% or more like BCH did in the last couple days for example, take 10-50% of the gain and convert it to USDC as a hedge against declines in cryptocurrency prices. This will prevent situations like this especially with the level of cryptocurrency the maidsafe foundation should be working with. 10% of 10k gain is $1000 USD. It stays $1000 USD even when that 10k gain evaporates.

This situation is so familiar to me. In 1996 I launched an unconventional IT business with a windfall from the sale of another business and immediately hired Managers, Assistant Managers, Marketing Managers and more managers, along with employing various business advisers. Within months the fledgling business was in dire straits mostly because of the bloat and loss of focus by the principals - me and my wife! We quickly jettisoned staff, closed the parts of the business that made no sense and no money and took on most of the responsibilities ourselves. The pared-down company was much smaller than before but it actually became profitable.

The economic downturn in the USA of 2008/2009 caused us to cut even further and the resulting company was only a shell of what it used to be, but solvent and productive nonetheless. Today, 23 years after opening, we are still operating that “experimental” business profitably and it has provided needed services to thousands of people over the years. The temptation to “go big” when you have a “cushion” of financial support is something that is hard to resist. I am very happy with the turn of events at MaidSafe and continue to feel confident they will meet their goals and become a valuable contributor to global enlightenment and prosperity.


I understand, and this loan investment is not for anyone looking for a backdoor or escape hatch. I invested early and knew exactly what I was getting into. I always knew that the project could fail and I am fully prepared to go down with the ship if necessary. I have a feeling those that invest into this loan also understand the risks.


It’s launch or bust!!!