MaidSafe Update - November 2019

This will not actually concerns me:

As I come here for information and tech support much of the time. I mean yes it says you’ll still be doing the weekly updates but info support is of such importance this is rather vague. I feel this will end up cutting not much or something rather important and I’m not sure which as this is rather non specific.

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The fear is evident in your writing - in fact there is no reason for you to even post on this forum given your beliefs - you’d just ignore Maidsafe and this community – to post here would be a waste of your time … so …

What is your motive? Do you really expect us to believe that you are posting your opinion to ‘save’ those of us who are investing our time/energy/money? Those who you refer to as “idiots” ?? You don’t care about anyone here, your insults toward us prove that fact.

So, you have an ulterior motive. Please tell us how you are intending to profit from this FUD. Confess directly or let your silence be your confession.


yeaaa…take a look at the fraud Maid produced. You sold it with 15k satoshi and now values 1.5ksatoshi.
the numbers are speaking. you stole people’s money

yes…escape while you can. with btc raising …I’ll be shitting in my pants if I were you

Being negative is lazy; understanding the importance of the concept is easy.

HighLow … pumpdump :roll_eyes: they’ll always be noobs looking to exploit a market but the more experienced will wonder at the different quality in projects.


Well all you do is claim MaidSafe are fraudsters with zero evidence. There is a name for that action.

Why are you here then? Trolling perhaps? Or did you buy at the wrong time and really dirty?

Ensure you follow the forum guidelines that you agreed to by signing up to the forum


Boy that was a rant and a half. Hope you got it off your chest


I think you got the wrong forum. The Substratum blog is somewhere else


Completely agree with the above.

These clowns stick out like a sore thumb these days, especially since that amazing community fund raiser last week.

There are 101 projects out there that I don’t think are worth my time, I don’t give them a second thought, certainly don’t have the energy to post negative things on their forums. Good luck to them though, everyone needs to have a dream.

Absolutely an ulterior motive at work here.

The updates we’ve had over the past week, and the community response says it all.
We are solid, the foundations are rock hard, and we can be proud of being in a positive
place regarding the following…

  • Funding
  • Development Team
  • Project Leadership & Transparency
  • Speed of Development (The development team are progressing in all fronts, fast.)
  • Community Spirit
  • Community Skill Donations

There is no other project quite like this one out there.
There is nothing negative to say, we have seen quite a few accounts pop-up, or wake up from
a dormant period to just post desperate, Trump like, badly written and thought out crud.
Who has the effort to create an account to just criticize a project, who stays of line for 11 months
to just login and criticize a project, and all just after an amazing positive week?
Each recent negative post comes from that pattern of accounts, either brand new, or sleeper accounts.

:rofl::rofl: Let celebrate the obviousness of the massive fail, and the suspicious accounts by
re-reading the following. The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies

I’m beginning to think I should buy another substantial amount of maid on the back of this news.
I just hope Flemming isn’t release before next pay day.

Guys, the SAFENetwork is happening, and it cannot be stopped.



the fraud is that all devs sold out their coins.taking out the btc from people. they don’t care about the stability of the coin. and the project is a joke.
they should have launched SafeCoin by now. Anyway there is no guarantee at what price the new Safecoin will be listed and the fact that will be printed as dollar (valueless) and in billions out of nothing…is the next fraud of the team.
the project is utopic and controlled. even if works it will not be adoped by people since is under lincence.
it is not open source and they patented some part of it. great business with the people’s money.the project should remain free
that is why I advise not to buy the fraud. but hey…anyone is managing their money as they think

That’s disgusting and from an obvious troll who plainly wants to pump and dump based on slander and misrepresentation.

Sleep well my friend I fear you won’t have many restful nights in your world of deceit. If you want to keep trying to drive into granite mountains in your wee car, then go ahead, but can you do it a bit quieter, you are disturbing the grown-ups.


No-one cares for your advice… it’s obviously warped by ignorance and ego.

My advice… think more; chatter less; and wonder about what is important.


OK this has to end now.

You are making defamatory statements without any supporting evidence. And since you are doing it to cause harm to MaidSafe, its employees and the people here in writing then it is Libelous.

While we allow people to vent a little, yours does not seem to be that case. Last year you made the same claims so logic dictates that you hold no coin and make these libelous statements to harm the company, its employees and the people who hold MAID.

Stop now you have gone far enough. You are making serious accusations without a shred of evidence or even reflect the apparent situation. You are allowed an opinion, but not to be libelous.

Libel is an untrue defamatory statement that is made in writing. Slander is an untrue defamatory statement that is spoken orally. The difference between defamation and slander is that a defamatory statement can be made in any medium. It could be in a blog comment or spoken in a speech or said on television. Libelous acts only occur when a statement is made in writing (digital statements count as writing) and slanderous statements are only made orally.



There is nothing left to criticize in this project, which is why that tactic has turned to purposefully defamatory statements, and damaging libelous attacks at the team. We have seen this over a few posts already.

What starts as an attempt to manipulate, and pump and dump, quickly steps over the line.

One of many articles out there.

I’m very happy we are aware of the above dishonest tactics, and can now keep on top of an obvious libelous effort. These posts tick more than one box mentioned in the article.

Does a teenage bedroom warrior really want to step in to the world mentioned in the article?
I would welcome the additional funding source for the project though…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

critical elements are false or misleading statements that are made with the intent to harm reputation.


great !!! oh man ,i’m gonna say it’s wow !!!


But you’re not me. You appear a coward who runs to safety in the face of greatness. I won’t speak of bitcoin - I’ve written enough already here on the forum to express how it’s lacking. What is being developed here - every week as can be read in update after update far surpasses the greatest dreams of Satoshi … and you know it - you know the differences in the specification of each … so you are either a coward or you are merely here to spread FUD for your own profit.


A 17 year scam? :joy: That would be the worst scam ever conceived! Or it is a visionary scam: this scam began even before BTC was invented. A scam that can predict the future? :joy: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi guys, it’s great to see that the focus is back on releasing the network and looking forward to this day!

To be honest, it is quite hard to market an idea without a product for a long time. Hence, I think this is a step towards the right direction.

On this note, however, there is a strong community around this project and I am sure we can promote the project within our own networks and try to reach as many people as possible by highlighting the life-changing benefits of MaidSafe.

I will be continuously raising awareness around MaidSafe with posts on social media and WOM and I am available to contribute to more structured initiatives. Hence, please let me know if there is any planning for this or anyone I should talk to find out how we can help.



Simple win I wonder is getting static summaries translated into key languages… Chinese an obvious one.

Simple dull bot translation… or a button on the page of that that prompts Google perhaps … with request for a couple of voluntary translations could work well… cross validate those submissions, is simple. :thinking:


i couldn’t understand what was happening… miadsafe? maidsafe? i thought you all stopped … but this makesme so very happy… i just found out it is still happening!

i really have a small celebration here and have to read myself in a bit… more than 4 months