MaidSafe Update - November 2019

This is a big difference we will all see when the products are rolling out.


I’m not sure I fully understand who/what goes and stays.
When you say product only team does this mean everything such at mobile browser and snapp will continue being worked on or is the focus solely on getting a live network before picking those up again.

Just a single CEO does that mean goodbye to folk like Dug and Nadia?


Sadly yes, this has been mentioned above:


Ahh I missed that thanks.


Nice discussion on Reddit happening. Lots of positivity and questions.


I don’t really know if it’s a good news. It’s looks like “the last chance” for me and I really hope you will be able to deliver. I am wondering how far is the launch from now.

I feel we are close but we are far at the same time. If it was close, then Maidsafe won’t need additional funds, so it’s far enough to require funding. From the “MaidSafe Loan Opportunity” post, I would like to know how much time the loaned amount will give to Maidsafe considering the new burning rate (which is if I understand lower than before).

Don’t see any negativity here, just trying to understand the situation.


This information is in the post.


It’s a year of runway after cost cuttings right? But how much time will the additional funding add? Maybe i did not get it sorry, will read the post again.

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Stripping all costs except those necessary to deliver the network in a timely manner(which is how things should have ran from start till network delivery, but everyone makes mistakes). Running lean to stretch the money as far as it can go. If 2016/2017 was a crypto startup honeymoon, 2020 is a pivotal year I think for most projects because these are the years where many will die off and only those who have a product the world needs will stay and be relevant. Sights are set on launch now.


The new burn rate is £60k/month, they raise ~$1m and… :slightly_smiling_face:


Noting reddit which I don’t use now, prompted me to wonder if the bitcointalk thread was still live… and it is. Potentially a big audience there, though it’s been 1year+ since I was there to know… and liable to be too many noob pump and dump types; still, perhaps there are some serious minds looking for opportunities?.. so, I posted


In 12 months time, everyone will be in a better place to make a call on failure or success. But by then I expect we will either be celebrating or that close we will be able to smell the water.
My punt is Success but I’m an optimist

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Yes but David also mentioned that they might have more engineers. So the burn rate might increase? How many people are working currently on the development? £60k/month is maybe the burn rate without the salaries? Sorry maybe it’s a stupid question.

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I think the latter (21 characters)

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Hope can the burn rate be without salaries when they are all working from home? That’s a hell of a lot of yum yums!


Thanks @dirvine and team for all your hardwork.

:cry: for all the kids that will be without a job (good that some will keep working on the project) Maidsafe staff should always have a job (this project is that game changing).

Just keep your focus super ants, you’ve become extremely efficient at solving this puzzle. Love this community and it’s determination to see this project launch, hang in there ant family.



Yes everything in Engineering still goes, but pretty much that is a sole focus now. I don’t want to have any other distractions apart from products, right until we launch the network, even in Beta.


£60K is total monthly costs, it may increase a bit, but salaries are the vast vast majority of it now.


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The night is darkest before dawn. I believe we are close :hugs: