Maidsafe: The Problem, The Solution

Here is a great example of a company marketing the simple: Here’s the problem, Here’s the solution.

I hope the new marketing team sees the recent events and high public sensitivity to privacy and data sharing as a motivator to move quickly. The new website could be tuned to this IMO.

Check this recent example of clean to the point.


As I understand this marketing is about selling a product, but there is also Communication Design which includes Brand Identity Design.

A marketer does not to be an expert in this field to do his job well.
Just like he/she doesn’t need to be a tech-guy(girl).

The new website looks nice, but I have the feeling (maybe it’s wrong) that there are no systematic rules of communicating the brand of Safenetwork to the world yet.

Anyway, at this stage it’s maybe not that obligatory, but I wish for safenetwork to get a strong and working Brand one day.


Very astute. The marketer needs to clearly understand Maidsafe’s value proposition - in simple terms. This will be no easy feat. It’s also - IMHO - yet to be achieved.

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yes totally.

(but, maybe I was to harsh about the website. I mean at this moment the main audience are app builders and users with technical know-how. I think it fits their needs.)

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