Maidsafe - The Name

I think the name Maidsafe might have deterred my subconscious mind from investigating it very far when I encountered it a year or so ago.

It creates a collision in my mind between “Rubbermaid”, “safe sex” and the cleaning duties of a “maid,” perhaps using Rubbermaid products, and a silicone rubber love doll… dressed in a maid costume.

Something in me goes: “what is that? A rubber for safety? Or a French maid… rubbing door knobs… or something… Aaaack! I don’t want to know!”

Now I just smile and move on, but I can see how it was a slight hump for some perverse part of my mind to get over.

If the SAFE network becomes huge then someday there might be a movie about it, but somehow “Maidsafe the movie” makes me a bit cross-eyed.

This project has got my undivided attention!