MaidSAFE Tee Shirt

I like it alot. Clean and simple. Will buy once available.

Actually what might look cool is having each letter a node connected in a way that you could still read the word but be an actual network…

This design doesn’t say Project Safe or Safe Network. Don’t you think it’s important that it does? If I would see someone with this on his or her t-shirt I’d just think it’s someone who loves decentralization instead of that he or she loves the safe network

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I get your point. We could always add those words under/over. I’m not saying this should be the only one either by any means. I will take a stab at one sometime soon as well.

If this is what comes after the internet and replaces the state and corporations then let the components of a complete solution as an early map show up on the shirt

Open Source Movement, open phone, mesh, distributed, experience driven, privacy, transparency, Ubuntu, Maidsafe, Indie Phone, Artemis (if it wants to field part of the solution) and other favorites. And maybe some names too: John Lennon, David Irvine, Robert David Steele, Bob Marley, Aral Balken, Steve Perlman, Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Hal 9000, Alan Turing, Daniel Suarez, Robert Khan, Marc Rotenberg

I like this too. Maybe Decentralized with SAFE Network under it on the front and another network of nodes and each one is one of the pieces and people you mentioned here on the back… This could be really cool!

Sgt. Pepper’s Maidsafe Club Band, with the team and their heroes :smile:


I like the idea of linking all those with a core idea, such as “all safe on Project SAFE”.

For example, a diagram of nodes each containing the word “SAFE”, with words scattered between them such as the ones listed in @Warren’s post, and/or attributes (privacy, secure, encrypted etc. ), and/or identifiers (me, you, family, friends), and/or apps (social networks, email, cloud, storage, blogs, websites, commerce, SafeCoin).

Perhaps a prominent unifying phrase "Project SAFE"
that people can search for.


I would definitely buy one that stated, “The Safe Network” in some fashion. Cool ideas!

This was in one of the slide decks - I rather like the collection of words all together. They’re inspiring!


Hi Chris,

Apologies for the belated response, I have been out of the office. I agree that t-shirts are way more important :). I quite like the idea of having a few different designs, as this thread has proven everyone’s taste is different.

I personally like the wee plane, I also like the idea of combining Paige’s proposal (having the collection of words on the back) with an image of ants on the front stating: ‘The SAFE Network: 130 million years in the making.’

We’ll get things moving on the t-shirts this week and we’ll keep everyone involved via this thread.


Love the 130 million years idea Nick. I’ve been working on 3 different designs for the front - one for farmer, one for core debs and one for app builders. The ants design could be a more generic one for supporters!

I could arrange this in a more interesting way, like I did for the use cases page on the website…


Is it decided that the name of the network is “the safe network” - only it doesn’t sound very catchy and will probably be shortened to “Safenet” or similar by the general public. Should we not go with a shortened more catchy name from the start? Just a thought.

I like Project SAFE as it includes more than only the network (apps etc).


I also like Project SAFE. Others have already commented that safenet is already is being used by another company I’m afraid.

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A T-shirt maker just announced a competition to make a “MaidSafe logo” over on reddit.

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Unfortunately, projectsafe is associated with domestic/sexual violence/drug abuse in current web searches.

I would wear a design with the wee plane with ‘SAFEcoin’ / (repurposed for safenetwork information)

From a marketing perspective, Safecoin and maidsafe have the juice.

Problem is "Maidsafe is the private company, not the project - isn’t it? If “project safe” and “safenet” are in use and “safecoin” only refers to the currency, then don’t we need something else altogether before we start printing t shirts?