Maidsafe should take a day off

You guys are all working so hard with all that complicated C++ code. Why don’t you all do a Ferris Beuller and have 24 hours of silly, free fun? Even the dogs running the Iditarod get a mandatory 24 hour break. After that you’ll come back feeling refreshed and more creative than ever. 24 hours is not even a full weekend no one will criticize you for doing it.


We will, when testnet3 is launched :wink: with all the new shiny code. then we can relax and move forward with super efficiency. We are tough enough to stay the course and make sure we provide strong solid system and can engage devs across the world to help achieve our goals. This is only the hard bit but well worth it :slight_smile:


That said, if anyone can get us a Ferrari California to go joy riding in we would consider an extended lunch break :slight_smile:


I have an extra station wagon…

(points for trying?)

10/10 for effort and commitment, 1/10 for delivery :slight_smile:


How about a narrowboat? With a bar (well a fridge) :smile:

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As long as it’s the Ferrari California of narrow boats!

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Erm… well I love her. [shrugs]

At full throttle I can get 6, no maybe 7mph I’ll have you know, and she turns on a (very large) sixpence :stuck_out_tongue:

If I rotate the solar panels they act as wings and we can try aquaplaining.

Tongue hanging out yet?

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Yes, but mostly about what’s in the fridge!