MAIDSAFE sent to Bitcoin SEGWIT address, how do i retrieve the secret key?

Hi, I sent my MAIDSAFE coins to my Ledger Nano S hardware wallet bitcoin address on the SEGWIT side, so when I used the BIP39 tool to retrieve my secret key I could retrieve the secret key on the normal BTC side that starts with ‘1’ however the BTC SEGWIT side starts with a ‘3’ and to date I have not been able to find anyone who can help me retrieve this secret key? Is there anyone here who can help? Would be much appreciated
Thanks, Chris

You should have a look at this thread

Thanks JPL however this thread is of no use, I have already moved my MAIDSAFE to the NanoS wallet BTC SEGWIT address, so now the only way to recover these is to somehow find out the secret key to that BTC SEGWIT address (and as said the BIP39 tool only shows the NON-SEGWIT secret key which starts with a ‘1’ whereas SEGWIT addresses start with ‘3’)

Have you contacted the Nano S people? It seems they would be ones that could tell you even if others cannot.

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Have you seen this site. Is there something there that might help (thanks @mav)

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Try using the bip49 tab on that site. More info here.

I don’t know if segwit and omni are compatible but there’s other threads on this forum about that.

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Hi Neo, yes have asked them approx two weeks ago and still waiting for a reply…

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ok will look into the bip49 and let you know the results…

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I used the latest Bip39 tool v0.3.2 which has BIP49 and BIP141 derivation paths, when i input my Mnemonic phrase it shows the private key for the segwit address correctly (ie, everything matches), however when I ‘Import Address with Private Key’ with Omniwallet, it shows a completely different address which starts with a ‘1’, (strange because on the BIP tool it shows everything correctly) - I have tried every conceivable variation to see if i could get it to import the correct address (which needs to start with a ‘3’) - can someone explain how this could (seeing as the BIP tool displays the correct information?)

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