MAIDSAFE SafeNet canned marketing blurbs, ideas for everyone to use and share

Do any of you read articles or watch video’s and think, “I really wish I had a nice canned message to leave as a comment in order to tell the readers/viewers about MAIDSAFE/SafeNet” ?? If so, never fear, copy/paste something you like in this thread into a note on your computer/device for use in the future

Maybe you already have a canned message/blurb for people to share around the Net? Post it here!

Here’s mine - feel free to modify to fit your style. I use this to comment on articles and video’s I watch that are related to government interference in personal freedoms … so basically just about any article or video! lol -->:

I want to let people here know about MaidSafe’s SAFE Network as it will facilitate full strong anonymity and censorship resistance online. Here is my standard blurb: The new surveillance-proof and secure-by-default Internet is being built now! It is a new completely AUTONOMOUS serverless internet architecture called the SAFE Network (now in alpha testing).

It bypasses the DNS system which is a centralized ‘feature’ of the existing Internet that allows governments to shut down websites. The Safe Network will: be highly democratized through ‘safecoin farming’ - earning coin by leasing space on your phone/harddrive; allow for real time secure streaming; allow smart contracts, apps, untouchable web sites, permanent backed-up storage - all at blazing speeds.

There is NOTHING like this in existence and NOTHING even on the horizon like it - as the data itself (not just the pointer to the data) is fully decentralized (sharded and spread over the worldwide network), encrypted, and duplicated - hence no means of take-down and much better than any IPFS or torrent solution. All free market goods as well as alternative websites and torrent data will move to SafeNet. All secure communication will move to SafeNet. All secure data storage will move to SafeNet.

Please seriously look into this project - I believe it is our best hope to get around governments PERMANENTLY. [ ] the main forum is here: [ ] – well worth checking out, no B.S.!! Hopefully coming into beta in 2019.


  • if you want to invest and support the project, token is available on a few exchanges:

find current exchanges here:

Please do inform me if I’ve made any mistakes, grammer, spelling, or technical. Cheers


Perfect, but you need to correct 2019 to 2018. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With this video my comment was simple “Maidsafe :P”

I don’t even explain anything, Maidsafe is a weird name that might draw the curious minds to Google it. Whenever people talk about internet, I just plug it in.

Notice here how many times bitcoin is mentioned


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Sometimes simple is the best option!


What will really help, is when we’e created an app, that we create a Codecademy (Lynda, nettuts etc) course to explain it in details how to do it.

Ideally you want to see Maidsafe or SAFE Network projects partner with schools like (LOL their website says no courses) to create courses, but that’s for the future.



Like it. Just a couple of small things. You use SafeNet and SafeNetwork interchangeably. SafeNet is already in existence and so best to standardise on SAFE Network (also MaidSafe).

sharded and spread over thousands of servers

No servers!

Maybe best not to emphasise this? Depends on the context of course.

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Good point. Will change that.

Another good point, not sure how to rephrase … maybe “over the network”?

I heard today a couple of people referring to black/gray markets as simply ‘free markets’ … and then thought about this post and came here to change it! So that should, IMO, make it a little more chewable for some.