Maidsafe/SAFE discussed on blogs/websites

This topic is for posts that ain’t news articles about the project but might have articles about it.


Does anybody know this maidsafe hater blog? Is it somehow connected with this old employee? I read few of those blogs, and I must admit, this guy is higly motivated. Any ideas about his motivation, why so much hate speach?

There are soooooo much things that are 100% false and wrong in those posts…

I guess this is someone that went long on Maidsafecoin and lost money :slight_smile: Too obvious that the first post was about Maidsafe potentially selling Maidsafecoins if they weren’t able to raise funds in another way.


First of all, may I suggest to not feed the troll by adding comments there, or, if you must, please keep it factual, to the point and without personal attacks?

I’ve quickly read through a few blog posts, and it’s a waste of time also correcting all the mistakes and misunderstandings, let alone try to convince this person that the Safe Network Project is a project worthwhile following and supporting, instead of bashing. I’m putting that place in ignore mode from now. Waste of time.


Thanks for the link. I feel a bit said for the person who wrote this stuff. I mean, he/she seems to really liked the idea of the DAO:

That idea is discussed on the community forum here. Can it happen?

No way.

By now the project has lost credibility and that is reflecting in the recent price trend of MAID.

Well, I’m actually quite happy we “lost credibility” and couldn’t be part of The DAO (as if we even wanted that at al). The DAO had some credibility problems itself as it later turned out.

Just someone not excited about the project (and moderation) who uses freedom of speech to write criticism in a blog. I’m fine with that. Just read for 5 minutes and I think I’m good.

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Wow someone there really hates maidsafe.

Maybe its good to let someone from the maidsafe team, discuss what he claims.

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Most of it nonsense, if he/she wanted a discussion and gave others the opportunity to answer his/her worries it would have been posted on the forum :slight_smile: This is trolling. If Maidsafe is asked to answer these kind of blogs they won’t get to development anymore, this deserves to be ignored.


Yeah, very funny blog. :sweat_smile: Amazing how little he seems to understand about the project considering how much effort he’s put in to spreading his misunderstanding. Each to their own though. I guess the recent good news will make it harder for him to find things to FUD about, but I might keep reading… everyone slows down to take a closer look at the scene of a car crash :wink:

Nice to see none of the articles have any likes or comments though… seems like he’s been wasting his time.

Not sure, but I think I noticed some quotes from your hand on that place?

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Ha where, link me in? I read a few, but couldn’t read them all. It’s like the polo troll box… ok for a few minutes, but it will start to eat away at your IQ if you read too much of it :wink:

Yes, hard to do, but I agree. Just had to stop myself posting one lol.

Don’t argue with idiots, they’ll just drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

It’s all so clueless and every bit of FUD gets proven to be wrong within weeks of being posted… price forecasts, dev dates and criticisms etc. It’s so consistently wrong one could take it as a guide for doing the exact opposite of the author, lolz.

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The value of any critique is wholly determined by the reputation and motives of the critic.

This blogger hides his name and reputation and because he will not divulge his motives, one can only syspect they are for personal gain.

So spending any amount of time countering or even discussing this BS from this spineless piker is only playing into his strategy.

Please ignore this, there are bigger fish to fry here and more important things to discuss. Like when is the next $Million coming in!!!

EDIT: Oh and BTW not all the success stories are immune to critics. These critiques carry some weight because the critics have balls and a reputation.


Turns out @MerkleTree was quoted in the most recent post there.

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