Maidsafe Roadmap (currently being revised)

EDIT: The current roadmap is being revised.


It has no dates, not even tentatives. That would be great for the project and the bttf pitch. But I really understand how hard could be for the team to stick to dates. There are too many uncontrolled factors. :pensive:


Been tried, only leads to “group consternation”

Definitely, I was surprised not to find a roadmap in the investor documents…

Honestly, I don’t understand it. A roadmap isn’t a contract between a company and its investors, it is an outline of your strategy to be transparent on your next steps and can be re-evaluated and changed whenever the strategy changes. The fact that roadmaps haven’t been a priority from the moment where the original release plan failed has always left me with a bad feeling about the strategic approach of MaidSafe. I may well be wrong about that, but I plainly see no reason in blackboxing (grand) strategies. Now I heard that there were deadlines mentioned and I’ll look into that, but then I really wonder why they have such a low visibility in particular with regard to the fundraiser…

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At this point, I dont think it matters that the roadmap has no forecasts. It allows the team flexibilty and disarms the rowdy shortsellers and former supporters/current slammers. But I think the historical dates should at least be included.

Can @frabrunelle confirm that this is a current roadmap? And if its accurate does @polpolrene think this should be stckied for newcomers? The link traffic tells me there are people interested.


Dates on roadmap means nothing to me. Anybody who puts dates in programming world is a liar. No programmers can make promises that it will be compete by particular date. It can be done earlier, or later, who knows?! That’s just how life is…


Hello @polpolrene @nicklambert @frabrunelle can you assist me. Im trying to ascertain if the roadmap is current and whom key to keeping it current. I’ve also suggested this gets pinned to the forum for newcomers. If its not current and wont be kept current I’ll delete my post and suggest you remove it from the website.

IMO its very valuable in its current form.


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Hi Brett, we will need to update the roadmap and I think the format also needs improvement given the feedback I have seen from the community and my own feelings about it. We need something much more simple. @dirvine, @Viv and I are due to sit down this week and discuss the content and approach. Cheers!


Even better. Thanks.

EDIT: IMO its invaluable to show the historical timelines. This is a great way to demonstrate how difficult the “going-forwards” are. Prefacing the whole enchalada with “I got a story to tell” helps newcomers understand why this has been a work-in-progress since hector was a pup. Good luck.