MaidSafe reveals How Internet is More Dangerous Than we may Think

MaidSafe reveals How Internet is More Dangerous Than we may Think

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The MaidSafe organization has proposed a revolutionary new type of internet, which is simplistic in its design, as it intends to “abstract away” the technical details of data management. According to MaidSafe, virtually all industries and individuals would benefit from this new internet. For instance, developers would not need to concern themselves with managing “low-level storage”, thus allowing them to develop robust applications which would not be dependent on the data they process.

Moreover, the primer to MaidSafe’s SAFE network explains that their platform:
“would kickstart the nascent personal information economy in which individuals decide who can see what details about them, for what purpose, and for what possible financial recompense.”
MaidSafe Aims to Offer SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network
Notably, this kind of system is what the people behind MaidSafe, a Scottish software development firm specializing in decentralized networking, intends to offer. The SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) network is described as:
“an autonomous peer-to-peer network created by linking together users’ computers and smartphones. It is designed to solve many of the current technical, managerial and societal problems with centralized networks.”
According to the Scotland based company, the current internet does not offer a way to ensure one’s privacy and it is not sufficiently secure. There’s also too much censorship and “massive consolidation of control by a few powerful actors.” In fact, the SAFE network primer points out that Facebook and Google have monopolized approximately 70% of transactions involving online advertisements.
Moreover, behemoth online retailers, like Amazon and Alibaba, continue to use their monopolistic and hegemonic political and international influence to wipe out any form or type of competition. The problems this creates are worsened when these same giants launch services like cloud computing, because then not only do these organizations control how we transact, they also control our data. The SAFE network primer notes:
“Everywhere you look it’s the same story: centralization, consolidation, homogenization and monopolization.”
The harmful effects of centralization includes easy ways for governments to conduct surveillance. Most people are familiar with Edward Snowden, a former CIA agent, who came out to reveal how governments worldwide monitor what we do on the internet. And even use the internet to monitor what we do in our day-to-day lives.
The MaidSafe team argues that the internet is even more dangerous than we think, noting that:
“as we become ever more dependent on it, this infrastructure becomes an increasingly juicy target for hostile state actors who not only use it to spread disinformation and discord, but can also take out critical infrastructure with well targeted DDoS and malware attacks with plausible deniability and without having to put a single boot on foreign soil.”
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