MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


Gotcha I’d love to make something work out. We’ll see :smiley:


Factor in that BttF also charge 5% for the admin to transfer them.

I just spoke to him and he said he is interested if the price is right. :slightly_smiling_face:


@cl0ck3d any price you was thinking about now ?


@Bacobob I’m thinking about somewhere between 1 or even 2 lambos per share. I dunno man. kind of on the backburner now.


lol I wouldn’t sell my shares. The potential upside is massive compared to what you might receive in fiat/btc today.


@Bacobob Do you have an idea of a price in mind? I’m thinking 5K + user paying fees wouldn’t be straight up highway robbery.

What do you think @Jabba what prices do you think are fair?


I have no idea. I suppose it is just about what he’s willing to pay. I’d just pass the offer on to him and he’s the kind of guy who knows his own mind, it won’t matter what I think is fair, he’s a smart cookie and he’ll have an idea of what he’s prepared to pay. He’s not given me any clue yet but if you kick it off I can get him to counter. :slight_smile:


I just got a raise to $7,000.


What shares are you talking about?


I have 48.something Shares in MAID Safe equity for sale. Essentially the shares give you give you access to a percentage of the dividends that the company will be making off the network.


I thought they are non profit… hum, how does that work. Have they paid out any dividends?


Here check the pitch:


MaidSafe is a for profit and this is the entity that shares were sold in. The confusion often arises through the MaidSafe Foundation, which is a registered Scottish charity, and as well as having a +40% stake in MaidSafe, the Foundation is also the owner of MaidSafe’s patents.

No dividends have been paid to date.


Thanks for the clarification!


Ok, that’s little over £100 a share. They were £21.28 during the raise, so 4-5x seems reasonable enough to me. I’ll pass it on to him and see what he says.

FYI, I know Simon is planning to open a secondary market to make their shares liquid on BttF. I think they have already navigated the regulation stuff (which was obviously quite epic), so we might see that implemented in the next 6 months or so.


I don’t on plan on selling anytime in the foreseeable future but where would one follow updates on this info?


I think it was in the BttF forum in their own pitch, so restricted access for investors in their platform.

In fact I might have even disclosed something I wasn’t supposed to lol. I know we aren’t allowed to share links to the videos in there, so I can’t link you to the video with Simon talking about it sadly.

They are still quite a small team so I’m not expecting it in a hurry. Hopefully not much more than 6 months though. It would be an interesting market and probably opens the door to more fluid second and third round style capital raises - companies can respond to demand for their shares and have a more detailed understanding of their potential liquidity at any one time etc. I’m really looking forward to seeing it materialise.


All good James, thanks I’ll check it on the Bttf
investors forum :slight_smile:


Still hard to believe we’re actually part holders of MaidSafe shares :slight_smile: feelsgood


I would never pay that for it, then i preffer to hold on to safecoins for the future.

Good luck selling