MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


I bought shares on the public offer.
Now I have to declare it to my country’s government for fiscal purposes.
I don’t know for sure what country do I have to put, Cayman or Scottland.
And I am not sure too if I have a share of maidsafe company or is the bnktothefuture SPV company.
Thanks in advance


You have shares in a SPV company not in MaidSafe. The SPV owns the equity in MaidSafe.

This is where the SPV seems to be located


Thanks!! this will be very helpfull


I guess @neo is right, if you want to be 100% sure you can contact Bnktothefuture.


Hi @capivarao, as the guys suggested below the SPV is based in the Cayman Islands. Your investment is in the SPV, not directly. The name should be on you share certificate. Cheers.


With both BTC and MAID looking good I wonder if this is still on the cards?


We are doing this with uTP support using the owner of the MIO crate Carl Lerche to provide the integration to the SAFE Network libs, and will look for other opportunities to do this as we move forward to make development as efficient as possible.


I sold all my MAID safe coins to support the BNKTOTHEFUTURE equity fundraiser now I’m considering selling some of my shares to go back to holding MAID safe coins.

Would it be possible:
A) to sell single shares?
B) what would be a fair price given this current stage of the game?


I guess you missed my analysis back then:

Selling your all your MAID for equity wasn’t the optimal decision.


I typically avoid giving specific amounts or making predictions on returns, can you send the link to where I wrote/said that @piluso. Thanks.


You’re best off selling shares in big chunks to a single or a few buyers because each transaction requires signatures and a process from Bnk to the future.

Regarding price, they’re worth what someone will pay for them. I don’t know of any price discovery mechanism other than asking whoever sold / bought on this thread last what they got for / paid for their shares then negotiating with potential buyers / putting offers out there.

I feel we would benefit from a place to connect buyers & sellers, but this thread is the best option for now.

You just need to invite offers and see who gets in touch. Bear in mind it’s easier if buyers are already registered on Bnk to the future, and there’s a 5% fee for their transfer service which includes escrow.


If I were selling, I would be looking to get a similar gain to what maidsafecoin has seen as a base line. Whether anyone will pay that is another question, ofc! :slight_smile:


It was probably in one of the BnkToTheFuture presentations. It was a while back, I don’t remember specifically where it was. In any case, it a reasonable assumption.


Found it, I am DMing you the link


Thanks @piluso . Here is the link for anyone else following the thread. My comments were made in relation to establishing a value for the company (and the shares), as opposed to suggesting a 15X return on investment. The shares are currently worth £22.68 further to the BnkToTheFuture funding round and a recent transaction that brings the Managed Authentication (as opposed to Self Authentication used in SAFE) back into MaidSafe.


I would like to buy some shares, but what was the buy price and what your asking.



I knew exactly what I was doing. I stated from the beginning that I’m here to support the project not make money.

For me to support the fundraiser was the next logical step I could make in helping the project meet it’s fundraising goal and help complete a successful fundraising level.

That said I’m now ready to sell a fraction of my shares to invest in other projects I have going on.

I’m looking for an offer on price per share. I’d have to dig up that information on the price.


Good on you!

I know someone how ‘might’ be willing to take some off your hands, but you’ll need to give your price for me to ask him.

The sale price was £21.28 per share. How many shares are you willing to part with and what’s your magic number?


Outside of joking around that I wanted $200 per share. I would have to sit down and hash it out. I do not want to undersell and set that precedent and at the same time I don’t want to oversell.

it’s one of those thangs.


You can make me an offer in PM once you’ve worked it out, no need to set any price for the market to reflect on. :slight_smile:

No rush anyway, he just mentioned that he wished he’s got in on more BttF pitches and he said he would have bought into Maidsafe if he’d realised then what he knows now. I’ve no idea how much he’d be willing to pay though.

No rush buddy, just let me know when you have a fair number.