MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


If I may be so bold, you were well aware of the equity sale and its one-off time limit. Nothing to wish for that you haven’t already had the opportunity for.


If i saymy btc was locked up, obvious means i didnt have the opertunnity at that time.
Otherwise i would.


Where do they lock up BTC? And threre was me thinking cryptocurrency meant being your own banker.


There are a lot ways you can lock-up btc. and get a interrest etc


Can you give me one as this is news to me?


Some of his BTC were locked up in MAID, that he wasnt willing to sell at the current price IIRC.


Margin trade, lending your btc, borrow to friends. There are many ways


Well you never know there may be another crowd sale one day? At least you kept you BTC locked up and their price appreciated. I sold 2 BTC to buy my equity, so you could say I missed out?


I noticed that it’s possible to transfer shares between accounts on Bnk to the future.

They charge a 5% fee for handling this.

Buyer & seller need to be registered on Bnk to the future, and then the process can begin, with Bnk to the future handling BTC escrow as part of the 5% fee.

I’d be interested in selling 46.99 shares (0.0034% of MaidSafe via SPV I believe), so if anyone is interested, I’ll consider offers over $1370 in BTC, which is roughly the dollar IPO price I paid + 5% for the transfer (which goes to Bnk to the future). Message me if interested.

Mods: I couldn’t find a more relevant place to post this, so hope this is ok.


It would be awhile for me to get that much spare available but if in the semi distant future you still happen to have them I would be interested. No one hold off from offering on my accord though folks, get these shares while they’re hot!


@Bacobob this might be an opportunity


Thanks - we’ve been messaging, but haven’t progressed to an offer yet, so I thought I’d put it out here to see if there’s any more interest, plus to let people know it’s possible.

We could even start a specific thread for trading shares if more people want to buy / sell MaidSafe shares, though so far, there’s been little response.


I think most people are kind of thinking about it or haven’t read it. I suggest you create a topic dedicated to it. How do you even know how many shares you have?


No leave it here for the time being please.


Im very interested in this can you PM me


If you log into your Bnk to the future account, there’s a ‘portfolio’ section. Under this, it lists your investments, and for each one it lists the number of shares you have, and the percentage of the company (the dpecific SPV, not MaidSafe LTD).


MaidSafe shares auction

Current high offer: $1370

I’m offering 46.99 shares from the MaidSafe Bnk to the Future IPO. This represents 0.0034% of the company. I’m selling the shares alone - benefits receive at IPO will remain with me.

The IPO price of these shares in USD was $1301 at the time of purchase, and around $1.5m worth of shares were sold in the IPO.


  • Auction ends on Saturday 11th Feb, 15:00 GMT (highest offer received in by inbox by this time will win, even if not yet posted on this thread)
  • Starting bid will be $1370, which is $1300 + 5% Bnk to the future transfer fee (rounded to nearest $10)
  • Bid increments will be $30 above the last offer
  • Winner needs a verified account on Bnk to the future for shares to be transferred to
  • Winner will pay in Bitcoin, with the rate calculated and agreed at the time of transfer (escrow service included with Bnk to the future fee I believe)
  • I’ll update this post to contain the latest offer (bidders will remain anonymous)
  • If winner doesn’t pay, or doesn’t have a Bnk to the Future account, I’ll sell to the next highest bidder

I have a few interested parties, but no firm offers yet.

Get in touch with an offer if you’re interested, or if you can recommend a better way of me running this auction!


First bid for MaidSafe shares received at $1370.

If anyone’s interested @ $1400, let me know.

For details see previous post.


If that buyer doesnt show up im willing to buy it for the same price


Come what may, I’ll never sell my shares.