MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


and a real game-changer like SAFE has trouble getting 2???

the world seems so lost at times… :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought a few amps before the crowdsale so have been following this quite closely. I actually mentioned in the Synereo Slack that maidsafe could be a good option for them if maidsafe goes into full launch within the next 6 months. Dor said they will be looking to build on top of something that exists, but I’m hoping they haven’t completely ruled out this option. If maidsafe can release vaults soon and enter a beta phase it could be more likely IMO


It depends what his alternatives are. If he has something that already works, Dor’s right because until SAFEnetwork is proven that would be a big risk. But as you say, things might well change and they might pivot again! I don’t follow the project closely myself - here is where I’m at! Although I did sign up for the beta yesterday :slight_smile: But good to know you are, and looking for ways to bridge the two projects.


Yeah, I have followed maidsafe for longer but I am interested in a decentralised social network because I’m not happy with the current relationship with Facebook and I think more people are becoming aware of the privacy issues with it. I’m not sure if there is enough worry in the mainstream for synereo to be a big success but it will be interesting to see them try.


I’m with you on the need for an alternative to Facebook, but so far I don’t like the Synereo model (search for their posts on this forum and you’ll find my misgivings if you’ve not seen them).

I think you are correct in the core problem though: migration / inertia. On the other hand, if SAFEnetwork gains traction and people begin to find it inconvenient to keep using Facebook compared to native SAFEnetwork apps, that could help. We should help people build apps on SAFEnetwork whatever - every app will help bring/retain users, and help everyone get more value from it.


Interesting that you think there is issues with their model. I’ll have a search for them.

Yes, maidsafe may take sometime to get a big move over, but I think it could happen. I’m actually visiting China at the moment and it is very interesting to see how little I can access here: Google, Facebook and YouTube being the main ones I’ve noticed. Not only does the world need secure and private platforms it needs ones that break down borders just like bitcoin is doing with finance.

I’m a software controls engineer that works with automated machinery / systems, but seriously thinking of taking some time out to learn some other programming languages so I can build on top of maidsafe and blockchain systems. All this stuff interests me far too much. I need to find a way I can contribute more and play around with ideas.


If I’ve learned one thing then it’s to follow what excites you. It’s not worth doing stuff that’s only so-so when there’s other stuff that’s just wayyy more thrilling :upside_down:


I completely agree. The tricky bit is how to keep money coming in when you follow a different path. Luckily I have a few plans for that :slight_smile:


The upside of being in the vanguard of devs working with these new protocols surely outweighs any downside possibility of it all being fruitless?!

We all have to take calculated gambles in our lives. To my mind the really important thing is to always make sure you shoot for the biggest upside, so hopefully you end up getting somewhere amazing eventually. :wink:

Good luck with your plans!


Thanks Jabba,

Hopefully I can make the correct calculated gamble’s in the coming years.

I also wish you lots of luck with all your ventures.

I’m a long time lurker on this forum, so will try to be more engaged in the posts in the future.

All the best :slight_smile:


Now that Bitcoin has shoot above $1000 I believe the development funds should last for at least 2 yr+, right @nicklambert?

Can you share with us some updated figures about the available time an expanding team will have on their hands and about a sped up hiring process?



Only if they sell it soon… But yea, would like to know aswell


Sure. The £500k or so that we took in in btc at October is now worth around £960k so has given us a bit of extra room. Monthly run rate is around £80k so we have an extra 5.75 months as a result of the price increase, all things remaining equal.

As you know part of the reason for the fundraising was to scale the team to speed up development and we are hoping to grow the team from around 18 at present to 33/34 staff by the end of 2017, provided we can find the right team members, which of course if a challenge for every software company at the moment. We’ve actually had a few decent CVs come our way over the Christmas holidays so hoping we have some more renew recruits soon. So our run rate will also increase significantly but very difficult to predict the speed at which this will happen.

I hope this info helps!


Great, thanks @nicklambert

Did you sell some of that btc or do you convert it only once you pay for anything in fiat?


BTC is now about $12 away from its ATH. Good to hear that Maidsafe can benefit from this rally. Long may it continue. Good luck to all in 2017.


Not yet, much depends on how quick we can hire/launch etc. We have chased our tails a little wiht the changes in routing taking so long, but that team is really increasing in many ways, people, skills etc. so lets hope that last of the big showstoppers is behind us now. I am hoping for a break very soon, but I always do hope :wink:


Thanks, it’s like the polar opposite of our original crowd sale where btc plummeted :slight_smile: We all deserve a break sometimes. We are now close to be able to sub contract some components out for more speed. It all helps and we take every opportunity to go faster, lets all hope this keeps going and allows us to really accelerate, not only through launch but also beyond though application development.


It seems then, now, in retrospect, a fortune I had problems with my modest BTTC Maidsafe investment through a bank transfer and therefore went for the easier Bitcoins transfer (for me at least).
On the other hand probably one of the reasons that Bitcoin is increasing in value.


When the btc price went up my very first thought was I hope this helps out the team! Maidsafe is always at the forefront of my mind for a lot of reasons but mainly to see @dirvine vision of freedom and a better future for all to come to fruition. So glad the price rise helped! As far as sub contracting that most likely is front end and design stuff yes? And mobile should be a swift launch with Apache Cordova as well?


Wish there is another equity sale with the same values, my btc was locked up around that time so i missed it.