MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


The shares certificate and investors agreement are available to download from your portfolio. :slight_smile:


Certificate not being sent by post?


I think they are just distributed via the BF platform.


I thought it didn’t make the goal?


Yes it met the minimum of £1m (ended on £1.3m) which means that the deal goes ahead.


Thanks. I’ll let try locate where I can download them.


Your welcome! Any issues just contact BF support, they are best placed to help.


I just read this again… atm synereo hast huge problems to deliver and AMPs are dumped. Maidsafe in the other Hand is doing great!


I’m just learning about some drama with Greg Meredith, are there any good pieces to find out more?


I enjoyed this thread…


Seems like Synereo are headed towards the trough right now…will they make it out alive…

I’d wager, the SafeNetwork is now moving along the ‘Slope of Enlightenment’ …a good place to be.


Steering back on topic, I just about forgot about the 600K Hong Kong based investment/partnership. Wondering when we will hear more on that!


That and Glasgow University building secure apps on top of the safe network! I’d love to hear more on that as well as Hong Kong when there is news to share @nicklambert very excited for the team on these fronts


Things are progressing well with Glasgow uni. @Viv and I met with one if their cs professors late November and the Safe network part of the course will happen late feb/early March. That will focus on their 2nd yr students initially.

The discussions with the Hong Kong based investors are also ongoing, they actually came to Scotland to see us last week. Lots of potential with this partnership provided with excute everything well. We are taking baby steps at the moment and as soon as we have something substantial to share we’ll certainly do so.


That’s great! I figured it wouldn’t be till around Q2 for things to kick into gear but it’s nice to hear how tentative maidsafe is being. Love seeing these relationships, whether financially tied or not, being fostered. Can’t wait to see what’s next for CEP as well. Keep up the great work it means a lot to us


I hope the HK delegation were treated to a few of the finer malts in the Anchorage. :slight_smile:


A couple of pints in Scott’s instead :slight_smile:


Just found this.

@chrisfostertv it certainly feels like the slope of enlightenment :slight_smile:


One interesting possible outcome of Synereo losing their CTO and anticipated Rchain platform, and IMO a very sensible, cost effective option for Dor and those who wish to see his vision realised, would be for them to build on the SAFEnetwork.

It is a much smaller risk than any alternative I can imagine (including Rchain before this falling out!), will be a fraction of the cost and time, and they can get going right away which will be important in order to build confidence and encourage investors to stick with them and reduce calls for refund.

They could perhaps refund those who want out after they’ve presented a revised plan, and may still have enough funds to complete development on SAFEnetwork.


I’m not sure what is more outrageous… BITFINEX seeking 80mil on BNK or the fact that they are almost halfway there. Mental