MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


Not sure if Maidsafe can answer this, to be sure you get the a correct and fast answer you can ask this question on the bnktothefuture forum on which they can officially answer questions about the fundraising.


oke thx I will ask there as well


Yeahh just invested in the pitch got myself some nice A shares :sunglasses: :grinning::grin:
exciting times :slight_smile:


And you brought the pitch to 62% meanwhile! :smiley:

RAISED SO FAR : €1,382,113 / €2,220,495 (62%)

Congratulations everybody!


We just passed £1,250,000. How high can we go over the next few hours?


So, am I the only one who didn’t know you could request the business plan? So many infos I didn’t know existed :astonished:


Oh carp! I knew that was available and had intended to ask for one out of curiosity, and sort of as a memento. I didn’t need it to make my investment decision. I wonder if I can get one retrospectively… I’ll ask tomorrow.


Can someone please get it and post it here so people can see?


There’re probably legal restrictions against doing that.


You will need to register with bnktothefuture as a serious potential investor and then you can request the business plan. See my previous posts and the replies,


8 hours left and a couple of new backers.


At least your total will actually be a little higher than the shown figure given the recent BTC rise. BttF clients have to expose themselves to BTC risk as they don’t convert until after the pitch closes (it’s all held in cold a wallet in case in has to be refunded), but for once maidsafe has had a little bit of luck with that and the BTC/Alt (Alts are converted to BTC immediately) investments will give them a small bonus.

Well done on raising a decent chunk… it’s a bit of a shame it wasn’t a tad more, but it’s still more moves in the right direction and more fuel for the tank.

Good stuff! Congrats.



That’s all folks!!!



@nicklambert , is it Okay to show (=send) the Business Plan to friends?


Nope. I can access it fine.


Thanks, my system clock turned out to be a few seconds slow. Which didn’t cause a problem on other websites. Works now.


Good to know. But for a millisecond you had my heart pumping. :slight_smile:


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From an email:

All funds invested in ‘ - Building a new, secure and decentralised Internet.’ are now complete and we are happy to inform you that your name is being added to the members register.Shortly you will be able to login to the portfolio section of your account and download your share certificates and investment agreements alongside any other legal documentation for the closing of the deal.


Great news! Can’t wait to see it!

Zcash cryptocurrency