MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


So they have to keep their computers switched on 24/7 for the network to use them to earn those coins, thus costing electricity?


No they are farming as soon as their computer is on, and some people are lazy and will just buy safecoin “storage on the network”

Never heared about dropbox

And for some apps the dev. can pay for the storage even, cause a datasever is way more expensive than maidsafe will be.

Plus privacy cost money, you can use the normal internet store your data on a server thats beeing hacked constantly , Yahoo, Sony, Visa etc.


But we are talking FB here, not DB. I can see a clearer cut case for DB on the Safe network, but that said, out of all the FB users I know I’d say very few pay to use DB.

Again I think you are over-egging the value of Safecoin. Just my opinion.


I don’t think Maidsafe needs to emulate and become the next Facebook or Google and be powered by greed in order to churn revenues & succeed. If we can imagine all and everyone worldwide uses the safe-network as its engineered to be, it could perhaps one day change the world and by that maybe change how everyone do business, and then john lennon’s dream might come true :slight_smile:

Imagine no possessions (of your data, privacy & freedom)
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world … (via safenetwork of course :wink: )


isnt ethereum a never ending supply? i would think your argument invalid.


That is indeed correct however it’s current supply is only 84,728,786. By the time it’s supply reaches that of Maid I’d expect more smart contract utility in Ethereum to support that token growth.


@Minecache has asked many incorrect questions and is making us explain SAFE principles from ground up. Just saying


Very true

Everyone becomes their own facebook. They simply run an APP that maintains their “wall” or whatever they call it and others have access to it according to the permissions the person themselves set. The data is always the persons, always controlled by the person and maintained by the person. No company has access to any data the person doesn’t make available to them. So facebook does not need to exist on the SAFE network and social APPs are there to allow the person to update their own data and share that data with whomever they wish.


Moreover, you would have an open market for apps which create/update ‘safe book’ compatible sites.

All that is needed is a specification (what data/script is put where) and probably a reference app which proves the concept.


@nicklambert Do you plan to extend the fundraiser? I’m trying to explain it to my dad but it will take some time…


Good question, I know other projects have done this. I guess it makes sense if it doesn’t really matter whether they get the cash now or let’s say two weeks later. When pressed for cash it would make more sense to end it now, unless there’s some guarantee that some considerable investments would be made during the extension. Not referring to your dad’s investment by the way :grin:


No plans to @rand_om. With just a few days remaining the round has run its course and I’m hopefully that we may see a small influx at the end through FOMO, of course if you were to extend the campaign you wouldn’t see this. Appreciate that this doesn’t help you dads situation much, maybe a modest MaidSafeCoin purchase would be a way for him to get involved.


There’s also the Wild West approach: Shoot first, talk later? :wink:


Just give him 1 sentence:

"All the big billion dollar companies like Google facebook eBay Amazon etc all use a really outdated and expensive method for their files,

and MaidSafe is the only company creating a really solid alternative for a better way of handling all these files."

Then let him know your long history with it all and how this is the only chance :slight_smile:


Lol, I think I’ll probably stick to the coins for now. I’m bad at selling things… Plus, he can’t inform himself really cause everythings in english. Hope we can tackle the translations soon @frabrunelle :wink:

I literally found only a single video in german, fortunately, the author got most stuff right enough.


Looks like we’re in the final straight with only 1 more day to go. Good luck to Maidsafe and all investors on what promises to be an exciting few years ahead.


I’m hoping for a last minute (= last day) investor that waited for this moment to jump in, and bring the percentage to 75 at least. Fingers crossed.


Lets only hope they dont sell all their maidsafecoins for them


It would be nice to see a sweet bump in the Maid price at the end of the equity offering but it seems steady as she goes for now.


Hello !

I want to buy some shares but last week when I checked I could choose from A and B shares depending on how much I invested. So I wanted the A shares and therefore invest a minimum of 5000 pounds but when I’m trying to invest now I cant choose anymore? Does anyone know why?