MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


But why do you think the safecoin cant go x30


I could think of 452,552,412 reasons why. :smiley:


Many who succeed with that kind of strategy fail a few times on the way there too. The point with risk/reward is just to be right eventually and to keep fighting another day until you are. :wink:

If something has a 10:1 shot of doing 100:1 returns then lump on it obvs. That doesn’t mean putting yourself in a position that busts you completely when it fails, but good opportunities are not that easy to come by.

When something has a better than 10:1 shot at doing 1000:1 returns then I’d say common sense overrules conservative bank roll management and you move into ‘make it or break it’ moves with sizeable portions of whatever capital you can get your hands on.

I’m not endorsing crazy gambling. The security of your family comes first (all hail sensible wives), but if I have an investment portfolio which I could afford to lose without it ruining our lives then I think it would be pretty fair to lump 10s of % on some of those kinds of shots (that is considered ‘all in’ where usually you would only invest 1 or 2%). You can’t really make a lot of money from relatively small amounts of money without doing that kind of thing imo.

Glad to hear it, dropbox has a $10bn market cap, that’s not even a tiny fraction of what SAFE could be. Really, bitcoin is not a yardstick of success. Bitcoin is hard to get hold of, you have to jump through banking hoops and learn about how to use it and store it etc. SAFEcoin will eventually be available to anyone with spare resources. The utility is also on a different level. 100x bitcoin is a modest target to start with if you ask me :wink:


Thats still means nothing, remember the coin x30 atm means a market cap of ethereum and i see maidsafe be way more supereur to Ethereum as soon as it launch. Eth also went x25 after it launched.

But i can explain why i think it would be so huge.

The coin will be used for every thing that will be created on the safenetwork, people will farm it and there is indeed a large inflation but i think the inflation (maybe not first year) will be spread across many people that eventually will use the safecoin.

Think about what people can save using safecoin that will bring in a lot of value.

But beside the use case for the website, storage and that what apps will use. ?

Think about sending transactions, maidsafe is fast, and scalible , bitcoin can send how much 7 tx per second while with maidsafe it will be infinity.

Also its a truely anon coin i dont say it’s a good case but its extremly handy for black markets and other darkweb stuff. You know how big that market is.


198 Backers are currently getting the deal of a lifetime.


Incorrect, that number is factored into the projection of SafeCoin = x30 if it’s market cap reaches BTC’s

It’s not like that figure wasn’t accounted for :stuck_out_tongue:


If this thing takes off then I don’t think we will see a deal like this again.


Yep indeed, thats indeed like that. And even with the full inflation when it reach 10bn then its
still $2,2 so thats x30 approx.


I really think you are daydreaming here, because I believe that long-term the Safe Network itself will have more value than the Safecoin, and that’s that valued at [(100/6.25)*2000000] £32,000,000.


I think you’re possibly confusing MaidSafe and the Safe network. The investment on Bank to the Future is in the company MaidSafe LTD, the company who is developing the safe network, not the network its self.

The value of the Safe Network is directly linked to Safecoin, not to MaidSafe LTD. Every time anyone puts data onto the Safe Network, they will need Safecoin, so the value of Safecoin will rise in line with the value of the network.

In the long term it’s possible for the Safe network to succeed and MaidSafe to fail (or vice versa), but I don’t think it’s possible for the Safe network to succeed and Safecoin fail (or vice versa), as Safecoin is needed for anyone to use the Safe network, and the Safe network is required for Safecoin to function.


Perhaps it the long run the majority of value of Safe will be in the network and not the coin.

But you have to realize that cryptocurrencies are what is hot now, and safecoin will have equal or greater scalability and privacy as any other cryptocurrency out there.

Most people don’t want or care about a decentralized basis for the internet, because it would be a huge amount of work migrating all the services they use, and for most people the way things are is good enough.


It’s still entirely possible for Safecoin to fail and a new method to financialize the network implemented.


You know that the safecoin network is diffrent then were you bought equity for do you ?

The safenetwork will run on safecoins, thats what they sold. i Doubt that can be changed
Also the network needs a way to manage payments and thats safecoin, no matter what.


Only if someone forks the network, removes Safecoin from the network, then manages to get it to become more popular than the actual Safe Network… but MaidSafe certainly won’t be doing that!

You will literally need to have Safecoin to put any data onto the Safe network - it won’t let you upload date without it.


maidsafe got patents also, so doubt thats easy possible


I wouldn’t expect too much from Maidsafe in terms of revenue, compared to the coin. You know why Maidsafe won’t become the next facebook or google? Lack of greed.


It’s still very much early doors.


I think some apps on top of safenetwork wil be the facebook, google not the foundation itself

Didnt search for true facts but 2014 is stated that facebook store 300 petabytes and takes in about 600 terabytes per day. Now if thats made on the safenetwork can you imagine the storage needed.
That benefits the price each coin,


FB is currently free at the point of entry. Why would anyone buy Safecoins to post an update about their mundane day, especially when they can do that quite adequately right now on FB?


Your wrong they use their earned coins, by letting their computer use the network, this make people keep their inflation in-wallet and increase the coin price indirect.

Plus i think they will make some photo’s public just on their own safenetwork space online, people pay also for dropbox right.

Btw dropbox has a value of 10bn and maidsafe can do the same cheaper so does bitcoin market cap still sounds strange