MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


might be because there is one ‘backer’ now - donation with no share/rights.

probably accounts for the difference in total numbers of investors seen on different pages and the £295 stray funds.


Nice to see a nice amount from small amount of backers just joined.

Too bad the coin is not going to 17k anytime soon would love to diverse a little but i rather keep maidsafe coin now atm.


I was thinking the same originally however I decided, and as others have pointed out, it is best to diversify investments.


Actually thats not always true, just so you know. Specialy not this way.


Actually in this case it is particularly true because there will always be an opportunity to buy more Maid however there’s not always that same opportunity to buy equity. Each to there own, but I think it’s grave error just to hold Maid.


My opinion about diversing your portofolio should be not connected investments.

There too much connected to each other and i think the coin will have a much higher Roi,
For diverse i would look into other coins instead of maidcoin and maid equity think about Factom

Also did you know the many of the most rich people in the world took risk going all-in i went to
a talk with Richard brandson and Anita Elberse (harverd professor) , and she said that most rich
people that are on the Top now went one or more times All-in. Even Richard Brandson did it.

Holding Maid wont be a grave error it means a exit when you see things go south, try to do that with equity.


But I’ve only invested what I can afford to lose so it’s not that I’ll need that equity back. Also Maid is more likely to succeed if you invest in the company that will make or break it. It’s a long term punt for me that may or may not turn out, but I’ve made more returns in others alts that I can afford the risk.


Thats ofcourse rule number 1) never invest more then you can afford to lose.

I wish i could support maidsafe with buying equity, but im not selling my coins for 13,8k sat.
Cause eventually i support maidsafe but im also doing this to make my future life more secure ;).


And regarding Richard Brandson and Anita Elberse, I would love to go all-in baws deep in something risky but the wife doesn’t let me. :smiley:


It took me two years and a lot of Michael kors bags to win here confident to do whats best in my opinion :wink: Dont give up that hope.


And do you know that probably the most investors that went bankrupt did exactly the same thing as those successful investors? Going all-in :slight_smile: But you don’t ever read those stories.


Thats why you have to calc. risk/roi and base decisions on that.

Maidsafe is a good example of risk/roi for me.

I might risk half of my investment, but the other side can be x30.


You’re expecting Safecoin to go up x30?


Safecoin not maid, yes i do. Thats indeed as big as bitcoin is now.


Yes I was meaning Safecoin. That type of return I think you are dreaming.


And why do you think that ? Give me your thoughts


If you can’t see how the Safe Network could be bigger than Bitcoin is currently, then perhaps you’re not dreaming enough :smiley:


I guess he doesn’t think SAFE Network + SafeCoin can’t be least as useful to the world as BTC currently is?


Would like to hear why he thinks this im curious.


Oh I think the Safe Network could be bigger than Bitcoin (which is one reason why I decided to invest in some equity), just not the Safecoin.