MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


Nah, I will trust certificate from official authorities. That is something I can argue with on the court…With such certificate, I can lose my money only if Maidsafe is not successful. But certificate issued by BTTF company is almost useless…


You are very much mistaken. What is in the average brokerage account is an IOU. Now you may trust one broker/bank more than another to honour that pledge, but that is very much a subjective view. For more on this I recommend the following post: “You Don’t Actually Own Your Securities”


You are not suited for this type of investment but are suited for maidsafecoin. This is highly liquid and easy to acquire anonymously. This is your best option in light of your concerns. And because you have trust issues, do not store your coins on an exchange.

Good luck.


Omg, that is what I am asking. Is the certificate I will receive official certificate that I am shareholder in a company, or is just some proxy I.O.U. certificate. I am asking here, not claiming anything. So, if I receive certificate from offical company register, than I am shareholder. No broker involved. In that case I will invest. So how is it? Some people claim something and others claim something else.


Euhh, you got several answers here:


This is the way things work with these type of investments. I have a strong clue about the answer to your question, but you should do your own research to be 100% sure. I’m not an expert on this stuff.

So create an account at BttF and dive in all the documents and FAQ’s.


I already have maidsafe coins, and as I wrote earlier, I bought them in small chunks and withdraw immediatelly, just to minimalize amount of coins at one time on Poloniex. Just deposit BTC, immediately buy Maidsafe and immediately withdraw. I expect Polo to follow Cryptsy, so I really did not want to have any coins there at all. I want to invest into shares, because coins are just small part of bigger technology. Company can be in profit even if safe coin price crash to 0.


@whiteoutmashups you liked the OP, then he asked a few more questions to which you replied:

Who cares if other projects use BTTF, we are talking about MaidSafe here and MaidSafe chose to use BTTF.

his questions were:

Why are you so defensive? Are his/her questions not valid? I feel you do this a lot and it could put a bad light on this forum. The SAFENetwork, Maidsafe and its community should be open to criticism. The project covers so many aspects so there are bound to be doubts and confusion. Investing in a project can be scary, if I approach you to buy/invest in something of yours you should be able to answer my questions politely.

I liked @Username1 's post and questions because they raise questions I didn’t think to ask, I blindly contributed because I trust Maidsafe, perhaps stupid on my part, time will tell although I am pretty positive about it all. But, doesn’t he/she have a good point, who is BnkToTheFuture and will Maidsafe back us up if we get ripped of by them? Pretty valid question in my eyes.


I’m not an expert, but my understanding is it’s always or almost always an IOU, whoever the bank or broker, so if you hold shares in a brokerage account, I don’t think you ever receive a certificate from the company. That said, your investment if you make one, would be in a separate legal entity to BanktotheFuture, so in the event they get into financial difficulty I doubt they would have the right to liquidate your shares to satisfy their liabilities. Hope I haven’t added to your confusion! and as René says, you’re probably better off asking these questions directly to BanktotheFuture.


Valid and also answered - s/he needs to obtain the details for BTTF. Whatever is said here is not trustable to the level of a regulated share certificate, whereas an assurance from BTTF that you will/will not receive such a certificate is what @Username1 requires IMO. So they must ask there as directed.


I asked in this forum, because I do not trust BTTF. I asked if there is any kind of protection against all kinds of fraud from BTTF. And you think it is answer that I should ask BTTF? It is joke, right? I read their documents, and I really do not think they are offering official shares issued by official authorities. That is why I asked here, to make sure, they can’t destroy my investment in any way.


I think there’s a big gulf between having legal recourse and it being effective, so it would be pretty hard to give reliable reassurances on that score. You certainly require an element of trust to start using the platform and should do some due diligence to make sure you’re happy keeping an illiquid investment with them. It doesn’t sound like you are, which is fair enough, none of us should trust too easily.

That bit you can check with them. They can provide you with exact details of what they say they offer and they can give you information about their regulators, who you can then contact yourself to satisfy your concerns that the certificates are legitimate and have value independent of BttF.

Really, no one on here can or should be able to provide the info you really want. None of us have really probed at that question by the sounds of it and you should not take any of our words for it anyway. Let us know what you discover. I have 8 investments on there now so I really ought to find that out lol :wink: I’d be very grateful to see what you find out because I have been quite trusting of Simon so far, with only a bit of background checking.


Well if that isn’t a good reason to NOT continue, I don’t know what is.

I will join the group and urge you to take your issues up with Simon Dixon.

I’m thinking you may not be REALLY interested in investing.


The questions are fine, it was just something about the tone that keeps making me sick to my stomach and more :stuck_out_tongue:



There’s something I don’t understand.
How two investors could cause an increase of £295?

Sorry, new picture, but the same question.


Is that a serious answer, is that how you work? Hope your stomach is feeling better.


You can increase in smaller increments than 1k.


But, two new investors arrived… :confused:


I guess you’re sure your figures are correct @vandres, but it is puzzling. I get an email notification when investors contribute, it tells me their user name (not necessarily their real name) and the amount they invested and I haven’t seen anything under £1k for a few days (there has been one backer and a couple that seem to have topped up their investments). We will need to get a report from the platform once the campaign is complete (to enable us to provide the incentives) and I’ll make sure to check this out then.


Probably my imagination, but I thought I saw the number of investors drop by one sometime yesterday. Could this mysterious amount of £295 be a net figure?


Thanks @Melvin and @nicklambert. I had registered previously, but I had not spotted the crucial “Request Document” bit.

I will now try to absorb the mass of information and make a decision.

There’s a delicious War of Words in this forum topic: The Crusading Believers versus Hard-nosed Moneymen :yum: