MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


So have I… since New York attending Inside Bitcoins in April 2014. Im quite familiar with the ups and downs of this project.


Another way that could help to convince potential investors is to use the ‘news’ of the moment. Yesterday:
The SAFE network could help to make preserving the knowledge easier…


Great idea. We are not just targeting potential investors. Any person or company that has an interest in the problems that the Safenetwork can potentially solve will lead to investors or developers.

IMO the focus need to be outside the current methods.

As an example we have Tufts University exploring options for Safenet Applications as part of a project. That leads to students discussing this with family and friends. So a family member/friend is a Wall Street insider or better still connected to someone in the Boston Consulting Group (Tufts is based in Boston) and likes the concept, digs deeper, etc, They prospect of getting noticed leads to many things that will benefit Maidsafe.

So in keeping with your idea, is Vinton Cerf familiar with the Safenetwork? And how it can solve his concerns?


I don’t know for sure if he personally realises/is convinced that the Safenetwork could (help to) solve this particular problem.
But at least he should have heard of it:


When will the new tutorial/app be ? I remember they said 2 weeks somewhere a while ago, but cant remember where.


If I’m not mistaken another one will be released today along with the DEV update.


Thats good news ! I’m just curious and cant wait :wink: Thx for the update

Cause i still hope that Maidsafe coin will reach 17k so i can change some to equity, but wont do it below.


Could someone direct me to the boring stuff, please.

There seems to be a huge amount of commentary about the fundraising on this forum, but before I consider investing, I need some proper financial information.

  1. P&L, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow for the periods since inception to enable me to understand how much was raised in the past and what was done with it.

  2. Shareholding details, Directors and so on showing the capital structure and who is responsible for governance.

  3. With an implied company valuation of £32m, I suspect most of the value of Ltd is Intellectual Property, which leaves me a little hazy as to who owns/will own the IP - is it exclusively Ltd or does some IP belong to individuals or Safe Network contributors?

  4. Most importantly, I need to know what will be done with the funds raised

    • On what will it be spent and over what period?
    • Is it enough to see the company through the development phase until an income stream appears?
    • Of what will the income stream comprise; what will be the product or service on those first invoices?

With so many imponderables and the limited resources of Ltd, I do not expect a sophisticated investment case with ROCE, NPV & IRR, but some sort of financial projection is essential - at least for me!


The information you’re looking for is on the bnktothefuture website:

There are also a few videos posted on the forum in my link which you can only access by registrating on the bnktothefuture website.


Yes as @Melvin suggests the BF forum is the best place as they are regulated to host such discussions. If you have made an account go to the investment page of our pitch and request the biz plan docs and we’ll get these over to you, they are in a presentation format, so hopefully easy to get what you are looking for. Any further questions just post them in the BF forum. Thanks for the interest.


Since the minimum is funded, I want to buy some shares too. But until now, I thought BnkToTheFuture is just some platform for crowdfunding, which just takes their % from funds and let the investors to own their shares directly. I thought SPV company will have all funders as shareholders directly. Than I read in this thread, that BnkToTheFuture will be shareholder in SPV company instead of investors. Taking risk of losing money by sending it to some BnkToTheFuture for some short time is one think, but sending money there in exchange for shares, which will be hold by BnkToTheFuture, but not myself is another. I do not want to trust BnkToTheFuture for any time longer than necessary. How will be my shares protected? What will happen if BnkToTheFuture bancrupt, or simply steal everything, delete all the data, etc?



I think these are questions you should pose to BnkToTheFuture directly. Did you run through their investor FAQs already?


yes I did. But I still don’t know how I am protected against BnkToTheFuture fraud. SVP company is in tax heaven country, BnkToTheFuture is in Hong Kong and the only proof of ownership is some certificate issued by BnkToTheFuture. I can’t imagine how would I claim my rights in case of BnkToTheFuture fraudalent activity. I am not saying, it will happen, but since I was robbed for a lot of money by Cryptsy, Mintpal and Cryptostocks, I am not able to trust any other company. Especially with such long term investment. Even when I was buying maidsafe on polo, I did it in small batches and withdraw my maidsafe immediately. Let’s assume I trust Maidsafe company, how will be my investment protected in case BnkToTheFuture destroys all evidence(like Cryptsy did)?


Nothing is 100%, what are you even asking here?

So many other projects use BTTF, not just MaidSafe.

If BTTF was stealing everyone’s investments, they wouldn’t have a business model or a business or any customers


Even though it is in a tax haven, Cayman Islands, does not mean it is not regulated. The SPV is a separate company and therefore whether or not BnkToTheFuture go bankrupt would seem irrelevant.

When the SPV is formed each shareholder should be issued with a share certificate (proving investment) and a quick google search reveals that they have a well developed set of regulations and a central registry:

I would suggest that if these issues are a concern for you that you write to BnkToTheFuture and let them know, I would be surprised if they hadn’t been asked them before. They are really best placed to help you.


Nick beat me to it.

This was a concern I’ve shared for a while, but BttF finally got the legal and technical issues sorted so you can actually DL your share certificates as of a couple of weeks ago - depending on what kind of pitch it is, some still don’t seem to have that option.

I’m not sure how it will work with maidsafe, but I’d assume as Nick suggests it’ll be business as usual and you can DL the certificate from your portfolio page once the pitch funding deadline has passed. Best to double check that with BttF though ofc.


This is not argument:) I do not care, if someone steals money from many others, I care about my money. So it doesn’t matter how many projects used BTTF, what matters is if my cerfificate will be issued by Cayman Islands official authorities, or just some private company, which I will never trust. Since MtGox everyone should be careful about “too big to fail” pattern.


So, as far as I understand SPV company will not have 2 owners(BTTF and the big one Asian Private investor), but all the people who invested via BTTF will receive certificate issued by Cayman Islands official company register? If I will receive official certificate from Cayman Islands authorities, than I will invest.


Shares are not bearer assets, like cryptocurrencies, so you never own them, therefore there is always the issue of trust. So, who do you trust? Wells Fargo? Deutsche Bank? Or just some private company? If you’re looking for the same degree of distributed trust bitcoin or Maidsafecoin provides, I think you’re probably better off holding the token. JMHO.


The owners of the SPV will be the shareholders, basically everyone who invested in the funding round. [quote=“Username1, post:713, topic:11039”]
all the people who invested via BTTF will receive certificate issued by Cayman Islands official company register?

Please check this part with BnkToTheFuture as I previously suggested.