MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising

I am now the proud owner of 0.003% of MaidSafe :joy:

Not sure why the pitch opened early though? Maybe Nick or David can shed any light on that?


Really it’s bad that it’s still active… I’s unfair for all who are still waiting for their confirmation. @nicklambert @dirvine
whats going on?

Don’t worry - they’re not going to raise the full amount in the first week; it’s not a crypto crowdsale.

I say that confidently, and hope I’m right, as I’m awaiting verification!


Just FYI, I believe the ID requirements are for qualified investors interested in shares only.

You can back the project without the additional requirements if you are not a qualified investor or just want to contribute without receiving equity (similar to a Kickstarter type campaign) at their Backing Page instead.

I think you are right, although pitches can sometimes go quite fast. I’m not sure a lot of people have noticed the pitch though. It doesn’t seem to be listed under the ‘Search for investments’ tab. I don’t think I would have seen it without it being mentioned on this forum.

Haven’t seen any tweets about the pitch being live yet either, so should be fine until Monday at least :slight_smile:


indeed, it is not a ‘crowdsale’ and it is only open to small number of registered users atm, so even if it brings lots of new customers to BtF, they will come in dribs and drabs as they sign up, not all on day one.

I’d be pretty shocked if they sell out in week one, but I am in already just in case :wink:

I suspect they will lock the page for fear of it selling out before the 12th though… that would be a PR nightmare for BtF.

EDIT: yep, already unable to load the page again now.


@DavidMc0 - when you say you’re awaiting verification are you talking about photo ID? I’ve been waiting for over a week with the message showing ‘awaiting confirmation’. I thought I’d see what’d happen if i tried to invest regardless and it didn’t seem to be a problem. Perhaps you could give it a go?

Despite what my above post quoted from their website, perhaps photo ID confirmation is only necessary for withdrawal…

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Yes, I think you’re right actually, ID is only an issue for when you want to withdraw anything. You can still invest prior to being verified. I didn’t verify with ID before investing on there, but you do have to self-certify, which will put off a lot of people who think they have to be honest about ‘qualifying’ :wink:

You own a bit of us, very cool, welcome to the team. I am just off a train from London, so got a note en route, no idea but this seems like a leak of some kind in the system. My feeling is that it’s out so it’s out, I have not even looked yet, but it should not be displayed on investments at the moment. Not sure how the system works to allow sneak previews, seems a wee bit of a bug or perhaps unfair, however I doubt we can close it off now though.


Yes. This is the message from BF Support on the forum:

We have just updated to £2m. The link was not ready to share
beyond a close group of investors, but was leaked. We have now updated.
Apologies for any confusion cause


What would be some of the advantages/disadvantages investing in this pitch compared to buying MaidSafeCoin for a long term speculator?

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Just finished watching all the pitch vids… good job. Much better than most! /tips hat

More publicity planned too from Monday I hope?

Good stuff guys.

Thanks for the info. In that case I’ll just go for it when I have time.

I guess as long as everything is in place before they do all the official records it’ll be ok - if they can’t get the required info from some investors they’d only need to refund them.

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Regarding the self-certification - I think you’re right that it could put some people off. I think the questions were all multiple choice, with the correct answer being the one which acknowledges most risk! The reason for this setup is obviously just a formality.

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Good question. Buying Safecoin would could cause a rise in price (though no guarantee) which would help the team raise money through sales of the coin. However, that’s uncertain and indirect. By buying equity you will be putting capital directly in the hands of David at what’s probably quite a critical stage of development, especially when it comes to expanding the team and marketing the project. This seems to me to be a much more direct way of helping ensure the success of the project/company.

On the other hand, you need to realize there is always an exit strategy if you buy coins, because there’s always a bid, so there’s a definite advantage to being invested in safecoin from a liquidity perspective.

For me though it doesn’t have to be either/or. I plan to start with a 70/30 split coins/shares.


It’s not available on the investment page or otherwise how that link got out is anyone’s guess but dammit I was second or third in line :wink:

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The main advantage is that this will directly benefit the workers who are building the Safe network.

Big MAID holders would be wise to invest in & support the company that is building the foundations of what will give value to SafeCoin in the future.

A disadvantage is that you will be unlikely to be able to sell your shares until MaidSafe is sold, or listed on an exchange.

In terms of out & out return, I think MAID is a better bet; I don’t think MaidSafe’s value is likely to outstrip the value of all SafeCoin in the event of a successful network, and they’re currently valued around the same.

If MaidSafe came up with a version 2 Safe Network that superceded the first, and used a different token, perhaps the shares could be a better bet, so just buy both just in case :slight_smile:


It seems that the link to our investment page was leaked via Twitter earlier this evening. It has led to a very small, but still very welcome early investment and the campaign is still set to go officially live on the 12th of Sep. As others have said I don’t see anyone missing out here, but we’ll keep an eye on the situation.


NIck, I shared it on twitter after it appeared here (not realising it was a mistake). Do you want me to delete those tweets?

I would say the equity is more risky because you’re stuck with it and it relies on the project being successful before you can exit. With the coin you can trade as and when you wish. Having said that, if people who hold the coin buy some equity it makes the coin more likely to rise in value as the network’s developed. In some senses the coin is one layer deep whereas equity is two (relying on the success of the first layer).

I’m answering in this way because you asked: [quote=“noself, post:51, topic:11039”]
for a long term speculator?

I think many investors will not be investing solely out of a motive for profit, but rather to support the team with the added bonus of a chance of profit some distance down the road.

I love the fact that so many people are here because they so strongly believe in what’s being done.