MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising


The minimum amount needed for the pitch to be a success is half of the target, so we’re 10% towards the minimum and 5% towards the target amount. :grin:


Big thanks to everyone that has invested so far, good to be starting day 1 with £100k!


Maybe it was posted here already, but on this link we can follow the progress:

€119,503 / €2,365,240

Edit,15 minutes later :slight_smile: :

€121,726 / €2,365,240

Edit, another 10 minutes later :slight_smile: :

€137,810 / €2,365,240

(last time I’ll do these edits, go check (and invest!) for yourself now, please… :wink: )


@nicklambert any more press during the equity raise? I was happy to hear it mentioned on crypto show and also Ernest Hancock.


Some bits and pieces, Computing Weekly just [published] ( and we’re waiting on a couple more titles doing the same. Typically the equity raise has been mixed in with descriptions about the technology / alpha release.

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So anyway, does anyone have some good ideas for pitches on why it’s a good idea for people to invest in this? Like what are some direct reasoning that Maidsafe as a company will have its worth go sky high as a result of The SAFE Net final product being successful? We all know why/how Safecoin itself will go sky high. But is there something about Maidsafe the company that will be up on the world stage in the future?


The critical point

  1. Do we have innovation abilities?
  2. What routes to market will we chose?
  3. How well will we execute these?

1 Is possibly easy, 2&3 are the main issues to ponder and figure out from our plans and partnerships how successful that will be or not.


I’m going to shoot from the hip here, I think though some of this is covered in the “investor” page on bank2tf so I’ll check and link after this.
They have the most experience in maintaining and in innovating the software number one.
They can make money off from an enterprise model I believe
They intend to make great apps with excellent features that will earn Dev rewards from users plus from the network not to mention revenue from the network to maintain core code.
There are multiple revenue streams for them, if they are seen as valuable to others to aquire then that should make the value go up plus they could go public someday possibly I think. But I’ll check for that link so there is something more official than things off the dome I’m not 100% about :smile:
Was ninja’d! Oh yeah partnerships too haha

Their business model


Does Simon Dixon invest in all the pitches on the platform or only the awesome ones… I see he invested in MAIDSAFE! !

Edit: I see now he does not invest in all :wink: nice compliment from the CEO of Bank to the Future.


Saw Simon at a conference last year and suggested Bitcoin Capital should invest in MAID. Don’t think I managed to convince him though they would have made a tidy profit :innocent:


Has anyone thought to put the info graphics from the description and investor pages on the the bnk2tf site to Pinterest?? Haven’t checked yet just popped in me head they’d look good there. Also has the Bnk2TF pitch been shared on community Facebook page? @frabrunelle


What happens if the minimum is not met? The whole thing is cancelled?


investors get refunded if a pitch doesn’t hit its minimum goal afaik.


Yes that will be the case if the pitch doesn’t meet the minimum target. Let’s hope it won’t come to that.


It does not look very promising…


haha no it doesn’t… if it continues at this rate they’ll only raise (200.000 * 29 days) 5.8 million USD instead of their goal of 2.6 million USD.


ha ha is that a joke or don’t you realize most people who are aware and know this would be getting in on day 1 ?


Remember the 5 day delay in getting ID approved. Some will not invest till their ID is approved.

From what support says you cannot even get a refund unless the ID is approved.

So if most only find out about it in the first week then upto 2 weeks for the early investors. Unless they were already signed up and knew about the investment.


Maybe you need to think broader than cryptocurrency crowdfunding where you can raise 150 million in a month, which you can throw away a few months later without any problems.

There are professional investors on the platform who will do research before investing in something. The earliest official possibility to read the information and do research started yesterday so no I’m not joking.