Maidsafe really is in a class of it's own

I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading on crypto technologies that I have had a personal fascination with and Maidsafe IMHO is head and shoulders above.

The three technologies I have been looking at lately are IOTA, POWR and EOS.

IOTA and EOS are both behemoths in the industry if we can call it that but in terms of what they actually bring to the table, the more I look into it the more I just sort of shrug my shoulders and go ~meh. IOTA for example has all sorts of big name partnerships, has a massive market cap but reality is if I recall they really only have one working technological solution out in the field.

EOS again has massive exposure but in terms of usage, there really is a lack of usage, plus they have had some claims of scams and funny things going on at the top end.

POWR ledger I was locally interested in. Everything they say really does sound nice, but again, huge amounts of money generated but for practically nothing in comparison. And again some funny going-on’s at the top.


I’ve been following the crypto world for 5 years now because I love new technologies and I agree with you. Few things come close to the potential of the SAFE network…

As a potential platform for the information of mankind, I have not met anything that is so powerful… Filecoin, Sia, Storj, Noia can do some work, but not everything…

Still, there are others unique crypto projects out there. For example:

  • Locktrip - Hotel Booking & Vacation Rental Marketplace with 0% Commissions
  • Max Property Group - Real-Estate Crowdfunding Platform
  • TokenStars - celebrity management platform

I like these projects because they show what will be possible in the near future. Decentralized Markets and Decentralized Governance…