Maidsafe OS and Farming


Ok say a maidsafe OS or say I just had a regular OS and 2 maidsafe accounts. I log into maidsafe and keep ALL my files there. Then I log out. And log into my farming account and devote the whole of my computer to farming safecoin while I’m away and redirect the coins to my main account. Then when I get back I log out of my farming account and back into my main account to access and use my files and computer as normal. Would this work? Sort of a dual boot maidsafe setup. And yes I’m quite aware I might not be understanding this correctly. I might not need two accounts in the first place. I might not be understanding how files are stored, processed and so forth. Was just wondering there.


Thats correct, the vault and client apps co-exist on the machine. They should be highly efficient and not really noticeable (we run 60+ vaults on single machines for tests).


Okay my payment to maidsafe is to give up a portion of my hard drive. So when I log out where does that data go? Back into the network? Would this mean that just to use the maidsafe network you have to be sacrificing space and performance (processor power)? For a gamer this would be important because you’re always trying to push your system to the max. Granted I understand that you can also gain by utilizing processor power from the network and that you don’t need as much space because of the deduplification and so forth but still these are things to make clear.


Only when farming, you can switch of the vault. The vault is not what you use as a human, thats the client apps. So the vault always runs, should be small but can be switched off.