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Hello, I have transferred my maidsafecoins to my account. I can see them, but can’t transfer the coins. How can I solve this?

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Hello sjefvandongen, you need to import the private key from your account to a wallet such as Omni Wallet that can handle maidsafecoins - the you’ll be able to see them and transfer them to whatever address you want. (Remember you’ll then need some bitcoin at the same address in your Omni Wallet to pay transfer fees.)

I’m not an expert so I hope Forum members correct me if I’m wrong! I found the following article very useful for getting my private key from my account.

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Sorry! Forgot the link! Exporting Private Key from and Importing to · OmniLayer/omniwallet Wiki · GitHub

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thank you for the fast reply forum tum! I am familiar with that article, but unfortunately did not succeed yet. Have you done it yourself? any tips? Thanks again.

The article is in 3 sections - which section you use depends on what type of wallet you have. I used the instructions in the second section, but omitting steps 4, 5, and 6 as I couldn’t see anything like that on my screen. Hope this helps.

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thanks, I will look into it.

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