Maidsafe on Bitcoin

I am a non-technical person but have spoken to a few folks about this project -

There is a firm belief that it would be best if Maidsafe kept itself integrated with Bitcoin (perhaps as a offchain on the core bitcoin protocol. Safecoin could still exist as a offchain token with all the benefits that Maidsafe network brings to table in terms of storage, datachains etc.

Creating something to subsitute Bitcoin or as a competing technology will be a tough sell. I also heard that Microsoft is making big strides in DID (identity management) and launching an authenticator. A decentralized version of it not controlled by Microsoft. That said, although I agree with the direction of safenet authenticator, it will be also available, it will be good to have some integration built in with general industry standards so that a user does not need to authenticate twice to use the safenet network. There should also be APIs available for someone to integrate into the safe network (storage and other layers) without being on it explicitly.

Not sure if I am making any sense or not but just trying to make sure that safenet brings its unique useful features to make adoption of the core functionality easy for everyday user.

Howdy, Not sure if you’ve read through the, but the Safe Network doesn’t use a Blockchain at all, the closest description would be a ‘datachain’.

Another great post is this one:

Hope these help you out.


I was going to go off on a rant on how horrible blockchain is because it is a energy hog, but figured this video would suffice.


I believe you might have meant to say “there is a firm belief that bitcoin (and every other blockchain project) will find it best to port themselves over to the SAFEnetwork.” In the interim, they’d better get some MAID. :wink:


This would not be possible or desirable. Reasons being

  • It is not presenting itself as a replacement for BTC or any other blockchain. While some surmise that it might happen it is not built or presented to be such officially.
  • safecoin is being built purely to serve the network.
  • SAFEcoin is actually a part of the network operations and as such is required to be a part of the network so that expensive (operational time, programming, cost, and more) procedures are not needed. To have the coin on another blockchain means the core code needs to have connections to the blockchain and initiate transactions on that blockchain. Then check for errors. Pay the blockchain fees for each transaction and this could be for 0.00000001 (or less) of a safecoin.
  • The security and anonymity inherent to current implementation of SAFE coin is lost. The transaction history is now on record and can be traced back.

And simply there is no attempt to actually sell it as a replacement. So while some people will do this it is not a goal or will be attempted officially apart from the normal advertising of safecoin. But it is not being marketed as a replacement for BTC etc so pretty mute point in the end.

I don’t see that it is of use here. Maybe some ways it works might be of use but the product as such is not aimed at the type of network that SAFE is.

And this is a goal of the network to provide this and currently being done now. Someone is even working on a CLI to allow shell scripting to interface to SAFE.


I like it @Sotros25, that’s the spirit. :wink: