Maidsafe on BBC Radio 4 Today

It was great to wake up to hear @nicklambert talking about Maidsafe and SafeCoin on the Today programme this morning! :smile: More of this please! its at 0:19:37 (6:18am)


Interesting interview. Inspired me to do a search for madesafe (sic!). Eventually found MaidSafe and have downloaded and signed up. Interesting concept.


Really nice interview @nicklambert … [high five]

The whole segment is great, (starts at 16:00), and Nick’s piece is brilliant IMO :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m not sure how many people realise what a coup this is - Radio 4 Today is a prestigious national UK programme that usually interviews government ministers and top UK politicians, and is listened to by a large well informed and educated audience. I wonder if Nick has any plans to run for office :wink:


Nick was also on BBC Radio Scotland this morning. from 2:51:30


Awesome cant wait to listen after work !!!

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Would be great if BBC did a section on Safe Network on their Tech show Click. World news audience.


Top work!!

BBC Radio4 Today… Very prestigious and an excellent shop window…

However that happened the route is a good one…



That was a major coup Maidsafe in getting Nick on the most listened to news program in the UK.

But, as with much of Maidsafe’s press comms and podcast interviews you a missing a Voice, a Speaker, a Proponent of SAFE that really lights up the airwaves and pushes the message.

Listen to Elizabeth Rossellio (Bitpesa) on Epicenter, or Elizabeth Stark (Lightening Network) or Brock Pierce …

I these kind’s of team members are hard to find… but they’re worth gold.

Getting such precious airtime, Maidsafe need to be able to exploit it to the max.

Just a thought I’ve had for some time. I’m sure you’ve been looking for ‘the one’ for a while… and will probably need a Spanish, Chinese one too in the future!

Great PR work on getting the slot anyway on BBC ( :


Brilliant work.

Be great if someone can rip this onto Soundcloud or Youtube so it is easier for everyone to listen to.

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I also wish to hear the interview, as comment above, if some one could rip it to some format, that would be awesome.

Just listened to this. Amazing to hear about MAID safe on radio 4! Wows. Some good PR!


it’s just a pitty that Dutch media still don’t know about Maidsafe

Now available in high quality here… the full crypto section.


edit: peruse stopped working a bit in to the playback of this file.


There is something so trustworthy about a beautiful Scottish accent. I have to admit that that was one of the things that drew me to this amazing community.

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Big thanks and excellent choice to put it on a safe site. :slight_smile:
Now friday will start in a good way by listening to the interview.

Good to know the broadcast had a positive affect!