MaidSafe New Team Member: Jon Häggblad


Welcome Jon :smiley:

I like this:

I remember back in the day we used to say:

“The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it”
 — John Gilmore

It feels however like that has not been the case for a long time, and seeing many of Richard Stallman’s initially outlandish predictions about freedom, privacy, and surveillance eventually come true has been frustrating, to say the least. The SAFE Network for me re-sparks that optimistic feeling that we as a society can do much better!

SAFE Network Dev Update - July 26, 2018

@jonhaggblad Welcome, nice intro :slight_smile:


Welcome Jon! PhD. in maths eh!? That’s awesome and a super addition to the team. :wink:


Nice intro! This project really attracts very interesting people :slight_smile:


Welcome, @jonhaggblad!!

What team are you joining?


I think he’s going into routing.


Yes Routing initially.


Welcome! Nice to see a fellow swede joining the team. Om du har tid så skulle det vara kul att träffas på en fika. Bor mitt i city.


I am also Swedish, Valkommen @jonhaggblad !


Hello Jon!
Hopefully they will control the forest fires in Sweden and I hope you’re not too close to such a fire.


Has anybody noticed?

…close to the arctic circle and the midnight sun
I now spend my time in downtown Stockholm
with my wife and son.

Jon, you’re a gifted poet who should rhyme well with MaidSafe. And living proof the team has been exploring more artistic horizons lately :star_struck:

Hope the midnight sun provides a lasting inspiration buzz while allowing a healthy dose of sleep.


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, the SAFE network really has a remarkable community!


Grattis Jon! Jag hänger gärna med på en fika med efter semestern :slight_smile: