SSL certificates are all invalid = bad public image

I’m still getting acquainted here so I apologize, I don’t know who to direct this to.

The SSL certificates for and both come up as invalid because they’re piggybacking off the github and wordpress website certs.

In normal matters this isn’t an issue, but I think it’s important from a public perception standpoint.

If someone new to SAFE was trying to learn more and visits the website. I think there would be a massive dropoff when their browser shoves that terrible “INVALID SECURITY CERTIFICATE! Temporarily allow?” message in their face with the warning symbols.

Is this being addressed in the recent website updates?


This is for the company Maidsafe, I’ll tag @nicklambert and he will probably respond to you. I moved it to META as well as it has to do with the website.

Yes this came up quite recently, I believe @viv recently re opened an issue in Git . Basically this is something we will get to as soon as we can as it’s a fair point you raise @Powersign.

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You can use Cloudflare’s free plan and get free SSL in the process.

No 2FA, eh?

(The fact that CloudFlare to the site remains exposed doesn’t matter, apparently).

Sweet Jezus @janitor your so right how could I forget to talk about 2FA. I’m a bad student, but Cloudflare does have 2FA check here:

Thanks for the heads up, swinging your sword and have a nice day :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps you missed the part in which I pointed out that you again gave a lame advice, ignoring that CloudFlare to Site would remain unencrypted.

Business as usual!

@janitor, this is the second topic in a week that you have had a go at eddy for his views on 2FA

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