Maidsafe needs a blog on the internet for more press exposure

Someone creative should create a blog expressing the solution.

Like this one?


I’ve seen it said the PR Campaign will begin when the networks up and working. A working network will create it’s own buzz and I doubt a PR campaign will even be needed at that point.

I’ve seen a few people imply the project is a scam, vaporware, etc. Pushing it right now will only create more of these people and the negativity just isn’t needed.


This is great for people whom has already discovered maid safe.
But how does one engage the whole community, the asheley-maidison website being hack is splashed all over the news headlines, but the general community does not understand there are solutions coming.

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for example people love to see things like this…

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I think you are right, just not yet. Once the network is functioning that’s the time to start connecting widely.

Maybe some of us could begin writing articles so they’re ready for that time. Then publish them on our own blogs, offer them as guest blogs, or feature them on the MaidSafe bluff as needed.


I agree. It’s not time to push out in a broad public front.

My efforts on outreach are toward the communities who already have some appreciation for the lay of the land, trying to get developer and content contributors ready for the wave which, when it breaks, will be pretty intense. Those who really wish to surf that wave, rather than be simply swept up in it, should start paddling now in order to be able to catch it.


With so much interest with the problems of the web, It is like “aaaaargh” maidsafe is a secret to good to be kept for myself, I do not want it go down the path of just another crypto-currency project as a trading alt-currency for bitcoin, as much as I like to play the money game.
I want to see great content providers get on board, ready and prepared for the launch, before their work is just copied over to the network.
I just want to see maidsafe as a really exciting place to come to full of creative people whom has not have the opportunity of self expression, I be disappointed if maidsafe is just filled up as a new torrent site for pirate bay or another TOR that everyone is to scared to come too explained and described in the TED talk.
I would like to see the maidsafe community crowdfund these writers and film makers to be given voice straight away when the network released. I know there is network 99 which is brilliant, But many people like to own a website but I think there be no real incentive to make the swap without help.


Yes! MaidSafe needs something exactly like that!

…oh wait…

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fergish, are you saying you would not like to myself to repost your interviews to the public to the many truth seeking interest groups all over the world. If so I think I better stop and I am sorry. I thought as you was speaking on your shows you are happy with your viewer growth. I see result on the forum how the growth of the community was a good thing.

Too much promotion now would be just as bad as not enough. Promotion has to be done properly and it isn’t a magic wand that garners support it can also garner criticism.


I understand what you’re looking for, but there are so many projects out their to claim they’ll make everything decentralized and secure etc. Who to trust? I know the Maidsafe team is actually building something brilliant, but I think the technology will prove itself once it’s out. Until that time, I don’t put any energy in convincing others that a Sony hack wouldn’t have happened on the SAFE Network. Same for a hacked website that get’s in the news over and over again. I explain this technology to friends or people who are interested, the others will follow once the network is live and they’ll see it.


Dont lose that enthusiasm @justin, the people who dont know about maidsafe will soon learn from their own trusted and reliable sources. Good news spreads at an efficient rate across all mediums. Bad news spreads faster and wider. Best strategy is be prepared to face the critics / naysayers with a bulletproof product.

You’ll have it your way soon!


Yeah man we’re not shooting you down, but it’s just that if we talk to much before we have something real to show for it, it might give us a bad rap with people

Believe me, I’ve been spouting off MaidSafe to everyone for a long time so far, and I’ve really good this to be true

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I’m talking about an advertising/broad-public reach. My stuff will reach who it reaches and bounce off the rest. What we don’t want to do is give the idea that the solution is here and ready for them to use right now, because it’s not. Those who are concerned should be aware of the project and get involved if they have the vision, and the patience.


Wouldn’t have prevented what happened to Sony anyway. Maybe I am foolish but I see it helping good actors and making bad ones more transparent. It doesn’t seem neutral at all to me and if it did I probably couldn’t sustain interest.

I think SAFE tech still means bad actors end up hacked (social engineering,) locked out and dumped to an open public forum where expert analysis links, tags and summarizes in easily searchable format. I think it means no corporation will have any delusion about trade secrets and it means they will be on egg shells with their so called employees. Its a solid step toward the reversal of corporate culture.

If its totally successful the world’s spy agencies will get defunded and have their budgets cancelled.

Exactly, BUT TOO Many projects throughout history have eventually failed because public interest was too high before the product was ready and the public moved onto others things when it was perceived as a dud. Many/most do not recover.

It is best before the public can use it that the public is not hyped up about it.

Let word of mouth to those who see potential be the mantra until the time it can be used by the public. Even when I mention it to technically capable people, the moment is lost when they cannot just use it. Very few have that vision and are willing to wait for it.

Why would it go down thw road of altcoins?

  1. Until released SAFE is vaporware. If you want to promote that, get ready for FUD (some of it may even be legitimate)

  2. The project differs on so many levels to altcoins. It is not based on Bitcoin, it had a huge crowdsourced funding, it has a unique goal and: people don’t advertise ir as something that it isn’t. Let’s keept it real.

Once it is on and running you can go mad advertising. Thereia not much time to prepare for that, so I guess you better get started :wink:

Ok I respect the community wishes, but I feel we are having a gollum moment.
All jokes aside, I agree once the ball park is built the people will come, just concerned whom will find the maidsafe network and how it will look, because the mainstream are very slow in adopting and having change of mindset. bitcoin was made famous because of silk road, I do not want to wait for maidsafe to make headlines similar lines before anyone has a chance to see what maidsafe is really about.

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FYI, the network is called SAFE Network. The company that is developing the software for the network is MAIDSAFE.