Maidsafe Merchandise

Do we have a Maidsafe merchandise section? T-SHIRTS, coffee mugs, Keychain, mouse pads, etc. I know it’s not directly needed but for fans it might be fun and for developing it might be a way to fund the project.


Lol I feel like I can start one with all the stuff I have…

Literally 48 MaidSafe shirts I don’t need and 410+ SAFE Network flash drives (but I might need those. Been giving them out with mock-routing at events)


Great Idea!!! I would buy a Maidsafe T shirt and wear it everywhere i go. I made all my friends and family members to buy Maidsafe.


It would be fun and I would buy a lot of stuff, but it won’t make any money for the project really.

The money in ‘merch’ is in licensing. Maidsafe would make a pittance for the effort required to sort it out. By the time it is big enough to be a worthwhile source of revenue they won’t need it (because SAFE would have had to hit the mainstream for merch to make any real money).

A savvy forum member could set up their own SAFE shop once we have a stable network though. Charge in SAFEcoin and watch the coffers swell… you could be selling T-shirts and stickers for coins that might be worth >100x in a few years :wink: A few hundred quid of outlay could be spun into millions, like the old bitcoin pizzas :money_mouth_face: