Maidsafe mentioned on RT America


Much like the DVR before it, decentralization technology is hard to explain to an audience who needs to be educated about how it works. And much like the DVR before it, decentralization has a terrific side-effect: cutting out the middlemen. The Resident explains.

The mention of Maidsafe starts from 02:00

Why the price xplozion?!

How cool. I’ve tweeted to Abby Martin a few times about Maidsafe when she would post related material. I would like to say that I had a hand in that but I am not that naive…still cool though.


That is a brilliant mentioning !


beautiful. She touched the core of Maidsafe.


“Tonight, let’s talk about that”? Is there going to be more?


Very cool, the word is getting out for sure.


yeah, does she end up doing a full episode about decentralization, or not?

I’d love to see the full one!

It seems like this video was just a teaser for it