Maidsafe mentioned in The Spectator

Interesting article. Almost everything is about Ethereum but they mention two times Maidsafe.


Time for MaidSafe to come out of the shadows! Otherwise all the mainstream fuss will be made about Ethereum instead of an earlier, more significant, amazing Scottish invention and its burgeoning world wide community :slight_smile:


I’m really not worried about that. MaidSafe will do great regardless of current media attention. Once the test SafeCoin is implemented it will start, and everyone will talk about MaidSafe. It’s features speak for itself.


I always wonder why ethereum has gotten so much attention. Because it’s actually Bitcoin 2.0 where maidsafe is beyond Bitcoin, or because vitalic buterin is seen as a young genius?? I hear a lot of emphasis on the latter and personally I find that irrelevant and also irritating. I think safes functionality will promote itself in the end like @Seneca said . I never shut up about it so I’m trying to do my little part :smile:


Some say a Goldman Sachs connection, there is a degree of involvement to be seen :wink:


Excellent point. I have actually heard that before but it slipped my mind. So the interest may not necessarily reflect ‘the peoples’ full interests. I’m bent on the whole ethereum thing on one end I see its usefulness as replacing many institutions but also see a huge possibility for abuse in the wrong hands. A contract driven impersonable control system that can’t be taken down that executes automatically. Sounds spooky to me haha


A contract driven impersonable control system that can’t be taken down that executes automatically. Sounds spooky to me haha

one that is controlled by Goldman Sachs. Yes, very scary !


What’s the Goldman Sachs connection? What am I missing here? :smiley:

A former analyst that worked in Goldman Sachs is working now with Ethereum…

And I think that’s all.


Yeah, there is not much more to it than that. It’s just a stupid circulating story. :slight_smile:


But look at that crossed handshake stuff. I can’t wait until all this secret society stuff gets destroyed. Enough inbred nepotism. Increasing transparency is a natural result of decentralization, it brings info symmetry.

Linguistic connection for anything that seems potent can drive crowd regard

vitriolic butyric acid

Didn’t work on us :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes…I dont understand, they usually go to great lengths to conceal their affiliations…


Hilarious! Plus 20 characters.

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Reminds me of the old saying…“If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck” :slight_smile:

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