MaidSafe mentioned in TED talk

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Just a bare mention, but the talk is really good. Thanks for posting it. This is the point I was trying to probe in Episode 14 with Max Hernandez. I’m forwarding the link on to him.

I read his book BTW. It wasn’t supposed to get here till tomorrow, but it arrived yesterday. Finished it in like five hours. It’s amazing. He lays out the technology in the most approachable way that I’ve ever seen. Better than I’d ever be able to anyways, and has a great plot to boot. I’m a fan!

EDIT: And the way that he details societal structures? In-freakin-credible. Convincing too!


I just ordered his book now :wink:


Wow, I just typed up a new topic, categorized it under Press, and noticed this “related” topic, exact same title, no joke!

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Very clear presentation. Rise of the dark net.

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Too bad he stopped short of comparing the great reliability, 0 up-front cost to the taxpayer, tax-free environment and other advantages that Dark Web has over all State-controlled services.

It is quite incredible to me how people can watch this presentation and not make the link themselves. After having watched it they go back to their lives to continue being exploited by the deep state apparatus.


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Nice. It seems when the taxes start there is already bills and debt. Free independent modern people wouldn’t have need for too much in the way of taxes even if it were something they wanted.

yes, this is a great talk.

Yikes, he compared MaidSafe to Darknet. That seems unfair. The current security on the web sucks and the SAFE network is simply a better solution.

Well technically maidsafe is another darknet. But all that means is a net that values privacy, security and freedom. When you impliment those you get a darknet. It’s just maidsafe does it better.

MaidSafe could have designed the SAFE network without encryption and renamed it AFE (Access For Everyone). Darknet on the other hand is only about making information anonymous. That’s an important distinction imo.

EDIT: And the SAFE network is a truly distributed system with a novel solution from the ground up. Darknet is merely a layer of obfuscation on top of the old centralized client server model. On Darknet your data is owned by shady centralized providers. On the SAFE network you own your own data which is automatically secured by the network. Apples and oranges, really.