MaidSafe mentioned in a great article about decentralization

I love the grass roots synergy that is building for all those hardcore projects (SAFEnetwork being the leader of course) out there that have put a lot of their resources into actually building something new and what the world needs.


It’s really very nice for the project to be mentioned. This article touches ever so slightly on a couple of the possibilities other than decentralised storage. I’m not complaining because this is obviously in-keeping with the scope of the article.

I can’t help but think it’s going to blow people’s minds when they realise how broad the scope of Maidsafe’s project really is. Because there is so much to keep track of in the world, it’s only the lucky few who’ve dug deep enough to be aware of what’s possible with the SAFE Network. There is loads of potential for completely unforeseen phenomena to emerge from this.

I hope the article will result in some more people finding their way here.


Here is the Linkedin for the author. It appears to be his first article on techcrunch

I know this is common knowledge on this forum, but there really is power in supporting and building along with other communities that have shared goals. The day the SAFEnetwork starts to solve the problems that still plague these young platforms will be the first day of a whole new world that has no map or limitations.


Thanks MrAnderson. I want everyone here to know, I’ve always been a fan of what you guys are trying to build here. And I’m always interested in opportunities for win/wins. Appreciate the support and I’ll continue to give it from my end.