Maidsafe Meetup in New Haven, CT

Not sure who organized this but figured I’d share it because I’m not seeing anybody else has.


Great effort! Is this someone on the forum? My experience with Meetups is organizer anonymity can impact participation. Maidsafe and the forum should support and promote these as well. Its not cheap setting up the Meetups bith in time and cash and possible some reimbursements would be available from @nicklambert . I liked how @frabrunelle hosted one along with the IPFS dev crowd. But he has a bit of a head start with his bitcoin embassy relations in Montreal. Maybe piggybacking on a bitcoin meetup in New Haven might jumpstart it? Good luck whomever you are :wink:


I was hoping by posting the event here someone would say they are the organizer. Does anybody know who started this meetup?

Looks like someones having another. Anybody know who is running this?

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