MaidSafe may be the 9th coin to be enabled on Huobi, according to their current ranking

From CnLedger: Huobi released its coin ranking list and underlying model. They’ll list new coins according to the ranking in future.

Coins are ranked based on a total score from the subcategories Strategy, Marketing, Activity, Risk, and Technology.
I think MaidSafe can even climb on this list as the scores will greatly improve while the project progresses.

In any case, I’m very pleased to see MaidSafe on Huobi’s watchlist.


100% A troll list.

How does Dogecoin have a Tech score on 3.45? :space_invader:


My guess is that the tech score of MaidSafe is negatively affected by it still being a token on the Omni network. On the other hand, Doge is basically Litecoin tech (3.85) minus the SegWit upgrade.

I love dogecoin too…