MaidSafe Marketing Strategy H1 2018

How much has been budgeted for marketing in 2018? Very ambitious goals and trying to gauge how much $$ committed to achieving. I know there are many things that can be done at very little cost but not sure how much cost should be taken into consideration especially when voting on proposals.

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Bit collude? Not sure I like the sound of that! :rofl:

Out of all the projects I follow…MAID is closest to my :heart: Even among the outside community, so many people have not heard of this project yet. We need more eyes and ears aware if this project is to ultimately succeed and you are definitely correct in saying that an increase in price will attract that.


I’d like to know this.

My e-office proposal has a monthly cost of $2k maximum, including its expansions.

And the safe pods proposal I made is approx $1k monthly per country, but it can be tightened down if needed. Or expanded.

Shouldn’t be hard to fit

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Another idea is to get a ‘Safe’-girl in to the ‘Virtual Currency Girls’-band :laughing:

I also saw a mention of this German song (without subtitles) on Riot/Telegram:

EDIT: It seems Dash and BCC really have made a song. Maybe not such a good idea.


Hi Dug,

This looks like a plan :slightly_smiling_face:. I think if these actions are delivered well then we will see growth in the community and this will result in the growth in price. Feel free to reach out if there is any help needed.

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This is by far the best update in the forum I’ve read. I pray for your smooth delivery.

Jokes aside, we are having regular meetings over here in Malaysia. Most of us are not tech and marketing updates like this will be an interesting discussion point.

@dugcampbell would you like to stream into our meeting? 20 Jan 2.30PM Malaysian time.


I think this is really cool idea and an easy way to capture people going forward. Would be cool to see the backdrop of the video updates change to the different offices around the world (if possible).


Hi @Wong, sounds good - will message you

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This is one of the most important parts to identifying something called the fire hydrant method in marketing.

We can do meet ups, create videos, community engagement and so on but of all marketing efforts testing and analysing the results and then pushing most heavily on the methods that bring the most bang for buck (in this case I assume more forum members, maidsafe site visitors, downloads of test apps, buyers and holders of safecoin, hiring developers etc) are the most important IMHO but for this to work we need to share this information to the collective. In fact I am certain Maidsafe already has good data it could probably already share in this regard.

We should define this further though.

In going forward I am a bit confused with regarding the CEP. I thought we were already voting on the bidding video production team…?

I also still believe we need to put together a community action group (Marketing Community Action Group) because not everyone can spend the time or money with the efforts required in The CEP but can instead just get on with things they are already good at even if it’s as little as likes, shares, retweets on social media the effect can be massive when we organise and time it properly. I’ve literally seen books be thrown into Amazon best seller lists with timing, organisation and collective actions by small groups of people. I’ve not had the time recently but I do plan on starting this group myself.

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Some evidence for the prosecution …

We have been conducting a longitudinal study of the state of cryptocurrency networks, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Neither Are All That Decentralized
Both Bitcoin and Ethereum mining are very centralized, with the top four miners in Bitcoin and the top three miners in Ethereum controlling more than 50% of the hash rate.

The entire blockchain for both systems is determined by fewer than 20 mining entities [4]. While traditional Byzantine quorum systems operate in a different model than Bitcoin and Ethereum, a Byzantine quorum system with 20 nodes would be more decentralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum with significantly fewer resource costs. Of course, the design of a quorum protocol that provides open participation, while fairly selecting 20 nodes to sequence transactions, is non-trivial.

Thus, we see that more research is needed in this area to develop permissionless consensus protocols that are also energy efficient.

Ethereum Wastes Mining Effort That Can Be Put To Better Use

Ethereum has a much higher uncle rate than Bitcoin’s pruned block rate. This is by design, as Ethereum operates its network closer to its physical limits and achieves higher throughput. As a result, however, less of Ethereum’s hash power goes towards sequencing transactions than Bitcoin’s. Put another way, some hash power is wasted on uncles, which do not help carry out directly useful sequencing work on the chain.


Excellent!..Interesting to read about …

My opinion … if you are so passionate about maid safe and is certain about this project why not invest?..say you buy 10 k MS… create a quality video you know you a capable of creating … and in time your 10k MS, each maid getting to be worth 10 dollars, will pay for your trouble handsomely…how about that ? …

Cos the “certain” and “passionate” have already invested and if the price slump is any indicator, many of them have changed their mind.
Investing will not pick up until we receive some significant news - new test nets, major exchange listing… You get the idea. We have to stir things up.

Your statement leaves a few details out, I feel very strongly about this endeavor but unable to invest loads of money towards it, I have bought some but in very small amounts that I could afford. However, I volunteer loads of my time and effort in keeping the Slack/Riot/IRC/Telegram/Discord communities running smoothly and free of the Spam that tends to accumulate there, as well as answering questions of new people when they join in.
I also started creating Wallpapers for this community and been told that they are great.

So, just because someone spends wads of cash doesn’t mean that’s the only way to Support MaidSafe / Safe Network!!