MaidSafe Loan Opportunity - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED!

this is true, but are these people in the forum reading, writing and communicating … In my opinion the people who are here every day should have the advantage ie. the local people :wink:

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kinda surprised only 1 dropped out. I was thinking people might try to game this a bit. Buy some MAID and if it stays stable or go down then participate in the loan and if it goes up (like it did) just sell it and be like aww sry can’t do the loan anymore. Or even just sign up to loan X MAID and if you can afford to buy it cause price goes down enough then great and if not oh well.

I guess there aren’t many gamers here.


ya this is a different kinda crowd then the average crypto traders where for sure a much higher percentage would try to game the system if it was legally possible.


Am 1st on line :nerd_face:

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Any update on this? More than one year of funds should be remaining with the increase of $MAID right?

Yes we have closer to 3-4 years of funds at current (low) run rate.


That’s fantastic news


Yes I think that’s true :smiley: What we need now though is focus and building the community contributions with some tighter leadership (in the loose sense mind you). It’s so much better to not money worry though. Some equity investors and VCs think money starvation keeps the mind keen and work rate up, but the team we have now would baulk at that. They just need time, that’s all just time as they are dedicated to launch. It’s a good position never the less.


Ok awesome!

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That’s great to hear! If we can get a test net out by April, I hope to contribute in one way or another for a while! :smile:

I think the main pressure now is getting a test net out there, so other devs can build upon it. I certainly have a few apps that I want to have a go at!


Yes, this is the current push, there’s a couple of nice to have, i.e. simplifications, infrastructure fork resolution (a routing issue) and API updates for consistent data and then testnet visibility. Right now we are pushing visibility but the other changes need to happen (mostly). So personally I feel a testnet fast then a couple of quick (and I mean quick) iterations to put the last bits right.

We have put a soft limit now on code contributions (pull requests) to 200 lines. This is a sign of our confidence the code is extremely close, no more massive changes, just tweaks. Let’s see though, all we can do is be open and honest, I feel the team have proven skill and capability in the last 12 hard months. So we keep pushing :slight_smile:


That sounds great! Once folks outside of this community can see tangible output, I’m sure their interests will be peaked. That will surely bring in more devs and supporters of the project.


The runway looks good. But hope that does not mean 3-4 years to network :sweat_smile:

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I hope it means resources that will speed development and allow for allocation of budget to necessary near-term initiatives like exchange listings, 3rd party dev support, etc. :blush:


I wonder if you know if there are any legal obstacles for paying for exchange listing. Storj claims that they do not pay anyone for legal reasons:

StorjLabs is not affiliated with any exchange and do not pay them to list our token or implement functions - they do it on their own, driven by demand, not by request from token owners. We are legally limited in ability to interact in such a direction.

Paying for exchange listings is legal and common practice even in equities markets.


Please keep it like this for 1+ year and don’t let growing btc/eth craze hit again and do office expansions and bulk hiring until a v1 network is there. Hire technical expertise if needed for certain things but I think the lean running and keeping the brightest of your existing crew happy is most important. Important for the team to reflect internally and react based on where its strengths are and hire in areas that need proficiency. Seems yall have done that recently for example with crdt work and I think that pattern of working to strengths and picking up folks where areas lack is the way to reach a proper finish line for v1.


Definitely agree with this. I think the primary expenditures should be about fueling development (i.e. staffing devs/designers) and expanding access to MAID (i.e. funding exchange listings). Everything else the community can help out with in one way or the other.