MaidSafe Loan Opportunity - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED!

People expecting a block chain type of experience with SAFE are going to get their minds blown!


Would it be faster offline?.. I wonder it’s processing what is being downloaded… don’t feed the beast and it’ll behave?.. :thinking:

Really… who has the time to wait for a block chain to sync, find out hard disk isn’t large enough, buy hard disk, sync, corrupt sync, eventually sync, then wait for confirmations. … :rofl::rofl: Getting coins to market in a true distributed fashion with blockchain is no longer convenient or easy.

We’ve already had a taste of the instant transfer on safenet with the test tokens…


I gave up on my local install of omniwallet and opted to run bitcoin-qt to just get my keys out and moved over to omniwallet online … and can now report success!

@dirvine - I sent 100 maids to receiving address as a test and I sent Sharon an email with block-explorer transaction link - just being super cautious, but would like confirmation before sending the rest – hopefully I’m not being too big a pain in the bum.



Not a worry at all. You should see those coins in the omniexplorer as well. It will all be fine though. Sharon will check it ll out for you


A neuroevolutionary (what I call a “Living University/ULB") environment driving a genetic algorithm implies a continuous learning environment. Systemic implementation requires a generic project (commonssense) framework that covers the holistic (capital management) environment requirement.

As I see it a Commonsense Project framework to meet this need requires 3 project sections ….

Project section 1 – Build the Foundations

Project section 2 – Commercial

Project section 3 – Community

each one an Epic story. :smiley:

Some brief thoughts to give a little background to the core issues for each…

Project section 1 – Build the (neuroevolutionary/ULB environment) Foundations

We need a way to bring the key complimentary thinkers/service providers together around a Foundation (Open AI equivalent) discussion group to discuss our common opportunity/outcome and a specific converging path/framework/structure to open and secure the opportunity! The (Mission Im)possible network organisation involves connecting with Knowledge, Organisational as well as Engineering thinkers to create the Foundation generic/neuro evolutionary system template for recreation.

A toe in the water approach to activate this discussion could be to circulate a Project Commonssense Co phase 0 - Mental model – Project establishment Agenda to request interest/input to agree a final agenda which address the issue core to all the initial interested parties and initial meetup approach .

Project section 2 - Commercial

The need - many of the co devs will require funding to secure their own commonsense project contribution and the combined Neuroevolutionary project path. Put simply there has to be a way to fund the collective path forward rather than one company e.g. as Maidsafe has been doing until the recent restructure.

A solution - One common method is to establish of a Collective Investment Vehicle/Trust (e.g. a Social Capital Investment Trust) rather than each doing it individually. Potentially a collective investment approach gives greater leverage to present/fund i. the agreed collective path forward ii. an Integrated portfolio where each investment reinforces each other so potentially reduced risk and leveraged upside. Further benefits of this approach include the creation of an internal system/network funding source/bank.

Project Section 3 - Community

The Community “Mutual dataplume” objective here is to provide Foundations access to the (Project Section 1) Foundation project team , (Project section 2) Foundation generic/neuro evolutionary system template, technology & funding to customise and deploy their own “CDC QBOS” Data Council. The WealthCare Capacity “smart” product matrix is used to define/deliver the neuro algorithm ( phenotype elites/interlinks) across the safenetwork based on their own Community Council defined standards. Each Access Foundation data council objective is to provide a level playing field/automatic pricing/model for all community members to access and customise their own QBOS WealthCare Capacity system to interact across the safenetwork.


I think you have a very good point and in my humble opinion it would be a lot safer for maidsafe to hedge their crypto holdings to some extend at least. Mid term coming 6-9 months things dont look that rosy when you look for example at weekly structure, ema’s posturing, or fundamental things like vwap ratio. Im bullish long term but since they say they have about a year of runway with current prices that could be significantly reduced if the market does continue the downtrend on a weekly basis like its in now.

I think borish sideways price action between 7.5 and 9.5k would be a gift coming months.

Everyone is looking at the halving as the holy grail where btc has no other way but to go up but what usually happens when all the retailers think the same … What happend when sentiment turned back up when we grinded the 6k ‘bottom’ back in 2018?
We are going into the halving with a total different market posture than all the previous halvings and I would be conservative with having lofty expectations living up to the halving.

Also when there is a global crises btc will not do well not now at least maybe in a few years that changes but for now its very correlated with world markets. Btc is still a risk on asset that I believe eventually will be a hedge against financial collapses but we have still a long way to go before we are there i believe. And if the spy can continue to make new highs the coming months that will probably bode very well for btc since they have a correlation for 10 years now where btc puts in a top few months before traditional markets and traditional breaks the former high usually a few months before btc does. Also who do you think move the markets of btc probably some of the same people moving the markets in traditional where have they otherwise gained the experience to do so.

I hope im wrong and we start closing weekly’s above 9600 and then 10k in the coming months to change market structure but until than to me its seems better to be conservative and protective with your capital that blindly trusting two iteration with the halving with total different market posture than the times before. Or hoping that a global financial meltdown will benefit btc in the short -mid and maybe even long term.

I support Maidsafe whatever they do im just a lurker who posts very little in here and this is in no way ment to be negative. I just want them to have the best changes of succes since this is on of the very very few projects that actually need to deliver to make this world a better place.


I tend to agree with what you say but just wanted to point out that at current prices the runway is at least 2 years


what I am worried about is a feedback loop… MAID price gets low-> company is like shit guys our runway got cut in half -> investors lose confidence and price goes lower.

I think what they are banking on is just make it to Fleming and then these prices will be a thing of the past as the network grows and more and more people find it useful.

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This was asked in the predev update but might be more appropriate asked here since it is more likely to get answered and noticed by more people who are interested in the answer


I will ask @sharontannahill to add an update on this tomorrow. As far as I know there as only one person who susequently dropped out.


if possible I have friends who will take his place :dragon_face:


Only thing is, theres lots of people would like that one place…


this is true, but are these people in the forum reading, writing and communicating … In my opinion the people who are here every day should have the advantage ie. the local people :wink:

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kinda surprised only 1 dropped out. I was thinking people might try to game this a bit. Buy some MAID and if it stays stable or go down then participate in the loan and if it goes up (like it did) just sell it and be like aww sry can’t do the loan anymore. Or even just sign up to loan X MAID and if you can afford to buy it cause price goes down enough then great and if not oh well.

I guess there aren’t many gamers here.


ya this is a different kinda crowd then the average crypto traders where for sure a much higher percentage would try to game the system if it was legally possible.


Am 1st on line :nerd_face:

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Any update on this? More than one year of funds should be remaining with the increase of $MAID right?