MaidSafe Loan Opportunity - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED!

The UK Government just updated its rules governing cryptoassets. Would probs be worth someone with a legal brain to go through it.



A loaf of bread might cost $100 by then.


Old Andrew Jackson would be rolling in his grave (I think they put his picture on the $20 as a joke). He shut down the central bank of his time when he was president. I’ve heard that he gravestone reads “I beat the bank”. He called them a “den of vipers” and predicted they’d destroy the nation. After he shut them down, the banksters weren’t able to get their foot back in the door for something like 80 years - 1913, as your graphic says was the date they created the Federal Reserve Bank - which is a private bank despite the name - although the US gov does own share in it.


no need to being personal here, we all will:D

funny, that few minutes after my fud 1000$/coin statements are being liked.


Is the new weighted system based on the number of subscribers divided by 10,000,000?

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We have decided on taking in 20,000,000 and were oversubscribed by a long way. The consensus was to allow up to 20mm and pro-rata everyone. We had over 33million offered, it was just over 26 but when all declared we were well over that.

This weeks dev update will update us all on the offer and uptake. It had indeed been eye opening and after all the tough weeks, certainly humbling, yet again. We have a job to do now.


Congratulations David, it’s obvious to me that the reason for this support is the way you have behaved and the values you set for yourself, the project and encourage in everyone, and how you walk your talk.

I’m so pleased you see the response from the community and that the project has the resources it needs, and some!


It’s an amazing response - especially when many folk here “missed the boat” - including me.


Yeah. Put the investment of $5000 in the Bank at current interest rates and retire wealthy in 10 years or have a punt. Now what should I do?


Great news and a sensible solution. Glad to hear everybody got a chance to participate and y’all got that extra firepower.


The more I have reflected on this news, the better it has made me feel. The team is lean and there is a now runway stretching off into the distance.

Obviously, we want and need to see Fleming delivered, but the financial concerns appear to have evaporated and the delivery focus has been sharpened. Maybe both fronts were needed and they were just the tonic! Upward and onward!


Feel very much the same way. I think the team can dial in and grind for awhile with just a get s*$& done mentality. Get extra time during the day not driving back and forth to an office. I work better from home too :grinning: , nothing beats some music in the background and a big personal desk and chair at home w easy access to food etc. I think the adjustments will pay off for sure, hope this mentality sticks till full access launch.


It’s not always easy, I have a home office which i rarely use as I get too distracted by the million things that keep happening in a home. I personally am more productive away from home.
Not a dig at anyone or the new plan… just saying it’s not for everyone.


Fair enough, if I was married with kids it would be a bit harder I am sure :laughing: .

Such as things like this:


Haha yes EXACTLY :rofl:


I completely agree, it is a very different way to work. In our case almost everyone retained was already working from home full time or some of the time. It is a very different mindset and can be tough. I think tools like slack/hangouts/zoom have transformed the experience from even 5 years back.

Slightly parallel, I was asked to a presentation last night and said I would only do it by video call, they were OK about that. That was only 60 miles away, but I am really pushing to get travel as close to zero as possible these days. To get more done, but also reduce pollution etc. as the planet does worry me a lot these days. That is not why we went all out remote though, it’s just another benefit I think, taking into account your (correct IMO) statement, that it is not for everyone.


Ok but on the contract its says:

“the maximum aggregate number of MaidSafeCoin that the Company is prepared to
accept under these funding terms is ten million (10,000,000). Any MaidSafeCoin
received by the Company in excess of that maximum will be returned;”


It should read 20,000,000. I will check that today. Sharon’s off today and tomorrow, but we can send a note to update that for everyone. It won’t change the contract at all, just that statement.


Good. I don’t mean to nitpick, I just want the contract to be accurate in every way.


When Sharon is back we will send out the update. Folk don’t need to sign as their transfer concludes it anyway. All will be well. Thanks for spotting it, it is changed in the contract for my shares to do this. So this one slipped through.