Maidsafe libraries for android and iOS?

I’m new to maidsafe, excellent idea in many ways.
I’d like to know if there will be plugins to maidsafe-ify existing apps. For example, if I’m writing a notepad app it would be amazing to give users the option to turn on “maidsafe mode” and save their notes to the network in exchange for a reasonable amount of space on their android. Why use Azure, Amazon etc… If as a developer you can include maidsafe service to save notes, app high scores etc…

What do you think?


To add…

I think there are 2 options,

  1. Push users of apps to login to a madesafe account, with all the benefits of rewards on space used on their phones.
  2. Get the developer to create one maid account and run apps of that. End users would not need to see much of maidsafe, could lessen any confusion.

Either way, if the mobile app market was tapped I think it would seal the deal really.

This is peripheral and so I expect will be something provided by independent app developers.

In fact I have been working on something that will do this for web apps, by extending remoteStorage.js to support SAFEnetwork. You can find posts on the forum about what that provides and examples that I ported to the test networks by searching the forum, and learn about RS.JS at It is simple to use and with Safenetwork turns any web app into an offlinefirst (works offline and syncs whenever it is online) app with its own cloud storage that syncs across multiple devices (mobile, tablet & desktop regardless of operating system).

I hope to update it to work in the next test network but I’ve been too busy for a while.