Maidsafe launch?

hi, i would like to know something about a final date for the launch of maidsafe. I read everything about maidsafe but still the launch was postponed. has been known for some official event launch? is also nothing described about the maidsafe website. I see only test so far?
kind regards

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SHORT ANSWER: There is no official ETA for release. They will keep adding features until it’s completed.


The network currently is in a test release. Updates will be weekly on Tuesdays (coming shortly!) on this forum.

The updates will include any new features added and any bugs that may have been addressed.

As more features are added (outside vaults, live SafeCoin, etc) we will be updated and once the guys are satisfied that the network is functioning as intended I am certain there will be a notice of official consumer launch. :slight_smile:


Launch will be announced after it has happened. That’s just how they do things in Scotland :slight_smile:


Maidsafe operates on valve time. It’s finish when it’s finish :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies guys but what I can see so far on maidafe is merely postponing releases.
I would like to invest seriously in maidsafe but a planned release date or a target is not to give?

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Its ready … When its Ready …

You can buy Maidsafecoin, which eventually will be exchanged for Safecoin so there’s something you can buy and some see it as investment.

@roeland you can stay :smiley:


It is impossible and usually damaging to try to give a date for something like that. There are too many variables and unknowns I’m afraid.

There’s a current bet on the forum for before or after June 1st for alpha (I think?!), so that might give you some idea, but Maidsafe themselves are very wisely just cracking on with the work and they are not likely to give any time-frames for alpha until we get very close and they have some degree of certainty to work with.

Investment without risk is rarely as profitable. Once the risk evaporates so do the opportunities. It could be weeks, months, god-please-not-years ;). It is your call though and you have to do what you think is right and sensible with your money :pensive:


Now is the best time to invest for 10 cents on the dollar ;
price will be probably higher every week , it’s undervalued


Hahahaha I don’t give a F*** about the end result, the only thing I hope is that the result is GREAT to upgrade the value of my maidsafecoins

Thanks Melvin! ok…I stay :grin:


That’s only because you don’t yet realise just how cool safenetwork will be. :wink:

Many people came here for speculative reasons, but once you dig deeper into this rabbit hole you’ll find the most disruptive thing anyone has ever tired to make. Spend a day or two reading/researching and I reckon you’ll go from speculating to long term HODL and fanboy4life ;p

@HelpMe: ‘a fool is just someone who doesn’t know what you didn’t know 5 minutes ago’ :slight_smile: