MaidSafe Korean introduction video

Hello, it’s been a while since my last visit!

My initial attempt to make a Korean support group for MaidSafe wasn’t all that successful, since most of them were facing college graduation and tons of school work. but now the school aspect of my life is nearly done, I could finally start and make a first Korean introduction video!

In the first video I tried to focus on internet-related problems that most of Korean people are familiar with (server instability, privacy breach and heavy internet regulation from government are big issues in Korea.), so people can have basic ideas of how current internet works, what the problems are, and how MaidSafe can overcome those problems.

Next off, I’m planning to make subtitled (or dubbed) version of the original MaidSafe introduction video for some higher-quality and in-depth introduction, and then a Safe Launcher explanation video. alone but productive! yay!

here’s a link to the first video (on MaidSafe Korea facebook page). beginner-level video, but it’s a start! :smile:

If there are any other materials you guys would like me to make a video on or translate, comment or send me a note!

Also, any supports would be very appreciated and welcomed!
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Awesome @aydenlee ! Hope you can let us know what the reactions are :slight_smile: !

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Great job! @aydenlee



1k maid donation on its way to you.

Well done, keep it up!


This is amazing, you are greatly helping this project for all of us and the planet; not to mention our investments.

This type of project can help get SAFE into the many many groups of people who don’t speak English. This is huge for SAFE!

I think anyone who supports SAFE should support this. And I just put my money where my mouth is :slight_smile:

So enjoy your donation and keep going! Foster the Korean SAFE community!


Not San Francisco, MaidSafe is founded in Troon, Scotland.
I understand that to Koreans the sound of “San Francisco” is more relatable and attractive due to the fanaticism to everything American, but I think it is worth clarifying the origins of the project.

In San Francisco, there is a “Safe Pod” which is a development hub in an effort to decentralize the project development in several countries.


I think you should emphasize that all computers in the network are also anonymous, therefore “hacking” all the necessary computers to reassemble all file chunks are impossible because you can’t even know where they are hosted in the first place. Secondly, you can’t know in what order you would reassemble the chunks, and thirdly, you still have to decrypt each chunk as each chunk was encrypted with a different key!
(each key is based on the hashes of the chunks, but you can’t know how the file is, how it was split, and what order it was split)

So any attack vector that involves exploiting vulnerable or misconfigured servers or hosting services are immediately obsolete and impossible by design.
The only open vector is attacking the client’s credentials, but even this possibility would be moot if hardware tokens were implemented.


In the video I said “the project is currently headquartered in San Francisco.” I am very aware that Irvine first started developing the Safe network in Scotland! Korean people have a lot more fascination towards Europe than America, but I just thought it would be more relevant to talk about where the project is currently taking place.

I also talked about how files are encrypted by using the file itself, making it impossible to reassemble them simply by hacking all the computers (which would still be very difficult). any further explanation seemed too technical for normal viewers with zero understandings about encryption and decentralization. Those in-depth information would be introduced with the original Safe network introduction video which I’m currently subtitling!

Thanks for your attention and comments! perhaps I should start putting English subtitles in the videos for the forum members :smiley:


yeah, but it is not headquartered in San Francisco, it is in Troon.


Oh my, I still have a lot to learn! I’ll make sure to clarify that at some point! Thank you!


Amazing! Thank you so much for the support. I’ll make sure to keep up with good contents! go MaidSafe!


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