Maidsafe Killerapp

How difficult is it to write an app which the user can use to post something on a platform like facebook, twitter a. s. o.
with a proovably untraceably anonymous user. And of course also post on undeletable uncensored and most secure blogchain: to the extreme on bitcoin blockchain as a readable text message. Or in a sidechain of bitcoin with more data.
I think people would buy that stupid bitcoin money which as you knoe has no real value to 99 % of the people. But even though they think its worthless otherwise they will readily buy 0.00001 BTC in-app in exchange for USD or EUR = 4 US-cent
Maybe buying the app for 0.99 USD has 10 free BTC tweet messages.

This would be a 100 % anonymous 100 % undeletable 100 % eternal SMS to the future for 4 cent

People will love to write these messages. They need not necessarily know that they actually write on a decentralized sidechain which actually stores the messages on storage of a blockchain based storage provider, where I can buy eternal storage for a fraction of that 4 cent. Or I pay more if the message gets longer or is a blogpost or even an image or a video.

The app could support the user to create content for this 100 % anonymous 100 % undeletable 100 % eternal social media platform.

The “difficulty” is hard to answer because it is different based on the individual developer’s experience and talent. I don’t think that collating these user “posts” and presenting them in an app would be incredibly difficult, in the scheme of difficult things to develop. However, in the same vein, it likely isn’t something an inexperienced developer could step into and knock out in a couple weeks.

As for the rest, you have no reason to bring the blockchain, or BTC into this. The entire point of this project is to basically do exactly what you described. It will have a coin (Safecoin) that you can spend to place data (such as a message board post, or “tweet”) on the network. That data would be 100% anonymous (as long as the user doesn’t reveal their own personal info), 100% unable to delete, and 100% eternal. You also would have no reason to resell data space, as you describe it, because, as far as I am aware, Maid has decided to implement a pay-the-provider system. So, by people using your app, and paying fractions of a cent to post a tweet, you can glean some Safecoin off of them.

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What you described is the PtD - pay the (application) developer

Good answer though.

@Tengo_Kawana, SAFE was conceived of before BTC existed and the concept is that SAFE is a massive array of internet disks which provides storage for everyone. Once coding was started and reached a point a few years ago the requirement for its own coin was realised to prevent abuse of the network

SAFE network provides secure and anonymous storage, messaging and so on. Application developers will be creating applications that can use the underlying layer to provide services for the public.

So APPs that can duplicate or combine or do better things. Existing sites like twitter facebook google will be possible and allow people to be anonymous or if desired to have followable persona