Maidsafe is on Augur

Maidsafe has made it on Augur. I’ve been following this project almost as long as maidsafe. Kind of cool to see them come together of sorts. Would be awesome if some people saw it and looked up the project as well.


Thank you for sharing this wes! If I remember, Augur is for betting. I am checking that out in a few minutes. Thanks again, for this “Maidsafe is on Augur” news! :smile:


Augur is a prediction market built on the Ethereum network. Most people think of prediction markets as a “betting” platform, but its so much more as well. It can used for insurance, hedging, polling, leverage. I guess at the root you could call all of those “betting” however, most of the other use cases are much more appealing to me than “who’s going to win the world series?”.


O.K. I guess I hadn’t read enough about Augur. It seems like a long time ago.

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Cool stuff! While Ethereum is a decentralized platform, Augur still must use a centralized server to host the website right? I wonder if the Safe Network might be able to host an Augur ‘Safe’ Site down the track … then it would be fully decentralized!

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No central server. There are some community hosted ones that have been going in and out ( is one) but to be decentralized there is an app you run locally that caches all the stuff (augur node) from the ethereum block chain as it comes through.

That’s why I posted a screenshot instead of a link, I couldn’t find a hosted site that was working properly when I found it.


oh wow, that’s great! I didn’t realize it was fully decentralized - I’ll have to get the app :slight_smile:


Augur is a decentralized oracle and prediction market protocol built on the … Use Cases for Augur … or view Augur on the Rinkeby testnet at

I ignored or lost track of Augur for a while. So many projects feel like they take a long time to develop. :smile:

I am very happy to see that Augur is flourishing, since I last read about it… $20K in Crypto: The First Bets on Prediction Market Augur Just Paid Out

@TylerAbeoJordan If you start using that app, let me know if you like it. Your opinion could influence me to use it as well! :slight_smile:


This idea is a rocket to another galaxy :sunny:

Gee, I used to play around with that in 2016. I actually made a prediction Trump would win the election. But then I forgot about it completely.